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Your Quick Guide to Using Turmeric for Hair

turmeric for hair

Your Quick Guide to Using Turmeric for Hair

Well known for its antiseptic properties, turmeric has been used as a home remedy in many households today. From acting as a topical antiseptic agent for minor cuts and wounds to speeding up skin repair and giving it that natural glow- turmeric does it all!

It turns out, using turmeric for hair could also be one of the lesser known uses of this miracle herb!

So whether you’re facing scalp problems that are contributing to your hairfall or you need a natural alternative to hair removal creams- turmeric might be just the thing for you! Read on to know more!

turmeric for hair

Benefits of Using Turmeric for Hair

Apart from being an excellent antiseptic and antibacterial agent, turmeric also packs in major benefits for the hair, hair follicles and the scalp.  

  • Turmeric extracts can turn out to be the most powerful natural remedy for hair loss thanks to its ability to eradicate scalp disorders like eczema and seborrheic dermatitis- both of which contribute to hair fall and hair loss.
  • Turmeric also contains an active ingredient known as curcumin, which helps prevent the growth of TGF beta one, which plays a major role in the death of the hair follicles, thereby contributing to hair loss.
  • Its strong antifungal properties make it one of the best natural remedies for scalp fungal infections, which has been known to contribute to thinning of hair.
  • Some minor studies also suggest that turmeric could help stop thinning of hair due to scalp conditions and thereby promote hair growth.
  • Application of turmeric extracts to the scalp has been proven to reduce dandruff (visibly) and also combat itching.

turmeric for hair

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How to Use Turmeric for Hair

While most facts point out to how turmeric can help reduce hairfall and stimulate hair growth, its use has been a bit contradictory. For years, Indians have been using turmeric for hair specifically for the purpose of ‘reducing hair growth.’

Women have been making use of turmeric powder to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair.

However, several researches have confirmed that turmeric extracts actually do not slow down hair growth, but merely lightens the appearance of the hair, giving the illusion of reduced hair growth.

Using turmeric for hair loss problems is pretty simple. Just follow these simple steps and you’re good to go!

  • Add equal amounts of gram flour and turmeric powder to a small bowl. Mix well.
  • Add a little amount of tap water or rosewater to the mixture until a paste of medium consistency is obtained.
  • Apply this mixture directly onto the scalp and let it stay for 15 minutes before rinsing it off and shampooing as usual.
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