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Yogurt for Yeast Infection: 10+ Benefits & Tips to Use

yogurt for yeast infection

Yogurt for Yeast Infection: 10+ Benefits & Tips to Use

Discover the Best Reasons to Use Yogurt for Yeast Infection

Hit by a yeast infection? Looking for reliable home remedies to tackle it? You may have come across yogurt being an effective remedy, but may be wondering if it is really worth your while. Here’s to discovering the best benefits and tips to use yogurt for yeast infection the right way!

yogurt for yeast infection

From coconut oil to cranberries- you’ll find tons of natural remedies for yeast infection, but which one of them really work and make it to the list of those you could actually use? Well, yogurt is one- and is probably an underrated one!

Benefits of Using Yogurt for Yeast Infection

There are several benefits of using plain yogurt for yeast infection.

  • It is rich in lactobacilli- a type of bacteria that is actually ‘healthy’ for the gut and the body.
  • Its consumption tends to regulate the pH levels of the body, which in turn, discourages candida albicans (the fungus that causes yeast infection) from growing and multiplying.
  • It works on a series of chemical reactions in the body and stimulates the production of hydrogen peroxide, which effectively targets the fungus.
  • It also helps restore the population of good bacteria within the body, thereby boosting overall health and strengthening the immune system, making your body less prone to being infected again.

Tips & Tricks to Do it Right

Now that you know using yogurt for yeast infection treatment is a good idea, its time to understand exactly how to use it. Follow these simple and actionable steps to do it right.

  • Simply adding a cup or two of fresh plain yogurt to your everyday meals is a great idea- it doesn’t just help tackle your yeast infection problem but also improves gut health dramatically.
  • In case of yeast infection in the vagina, topical application can help too. Applying a little plain, unsweetened yogurt to a new tampon and letting it stay inside you for a couple of hours can be effective.
  • Garlic is also a powerful antifungal agent. Mixing some pulsed garlic with yogurt and applying it topically to the affected area is another great idea.
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