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Why Are Parabens Bad? We Uncover The Truth!

why are parabens bad

Why Are Parabens Bad? We Uncover The Truth!

Reasons Why Are Parabens Bad for Your Health

In many of our other product reviews, you might have seen us mention something called ‘paraben-free’. While most people consider parabens as something bad, a few know the reason behind it. So, to solve the mystery of why are parabens bad, let’s take a look at some of the facts about parabens!

why are parabens bad

Why Are Parabens Used in Products?

Indeed, why use parabens in the first place if they cause harm to the body? Well, for starters, most of the cosmetics company benefit from parabens due to it’s properties as an antibacterial agent that prevents the conditioner, lotion or any other cosmetic from going bad within a few days.

Though there are many other chemicals and products that do this as well, the fact that parabens are relatively inexpensive to procure or manufacture makes them the choice for many cosmetic manufacturers. But to be honest, there aren’t many alternatives to parabens either (more on that later)

What Makes Parabens Bad?

The fact that many studies have confirmed the existence of a link between adding parabens and suffering from various disorders such as skin irritation, allergic reactions, dermatitis, rosacea and many other kinds of problems have earned parabens a bad reputation.

But that’s not it, either. Though it hasn’t been proved yet, a certain study concluded that parabens have the ability to imitate the hormone estrogen. This not only dangerous for the hormonal balance of men (since estrogen is a female reproductive hormone) but also to teens, children and adults male or female alike.

Alternatives to Parabens

While we certainly cannot avoid the existence of parabens in various cosmetics, we do try to feature a minimum of the number of products and mostly try to show paraben-free products. We won’t sugar coat it: there aren’t any chemicals made YET which can provide the preservative talents of parabens.

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Regardless, using formaldehyde instead of parabens is the best bet of natural product manufacturers for now. Since people didn’t know about the harmful behavior of parabens until a few years ago, it goes without saying that cosmetic companies will invest heavily in their R&D departments to create a healthier alternative.

We hope that this answers your curiosity on why are parabens bad. Do you have anything to add to the discussion? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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