Using Olive Oil in Hair: The Insider’s Guide

You’ve swapped your cooking oil for this- drizzled it over your salads and pastas and used it for practically every home cooked meal that you whip up; and why not? Olive oil, being one of the most healthy oils on the planet, is definitely a keeper.

It is good for the heart, the brain, the skin and even the hair- yes, that’s right! From strengthening the hair from its very root and thereby preventing breakage to nourishing the scalp and reducing the risk of scalp disorders- olive oil does a lot!

If you haven’t really thought about using olive oil in hair, here’s something for you! Discover the best inside secret about how olive oil really does help improve hair growth, and how you could use it.

Using Olive Oil in Hair

Apart from its heart-healthy benefits, olive oil is also a powerhouse when it comes to applications in beauty and hair care. Since it is an oil, it possesses nourishing and moisturizing properties which can help add the luster and shine back to your hair, especially if your hair is prone to drying out easily, or if your hair is damaged due to extensive styling. Olive oil helps by providing nourishment to the shaft of the hair and giving it the natural shine and glow.

Olive oil is also believed to help reduce the occurrence of dandruff in hair after regular application. It further prevents split ends and frizziness of the hair, and restores the natural pH which is needed for optimum hair health.

The Benefits of Olive Oil for the Hair

When it comes to hair care, coconut oil is possibly the most common oil people turn to, and that is great no doubt. But not many people know- olive oil too, has its own set of benefits associated with its use for hair health.

Some common benefits associated with using olive oil in hair include-

  • Better manageability- hate the fact that your hair is super frizzy, and you can never even imagine leaving them open? Try massaging a bit of olive oil throughout the entire hair length while they are still wet after a shower, and blow dry. Viola! You’ve got super lustrous and amazingly manageable hair right there!
  • Natural softness- using expensive conditioners and shampoos to give your hair that super soft texture may not always work- these products have temporary benefits and also damage your hair in the process. Instead, use olive oil a couple of times every week to lend it a soft feel almost instantly.
  • Stronger hair- hair that is strong at the root grows longer, is healthier looking and can resist breakage as well. Using olive oil for a head massage on a bi-weekly basis can make the hair stronger and shinier naturally.
  • Relief from hair problems- using olive oil in hair is also known to help reduce split ends, breakage, dandruff and other hair problems. The natural nourishing properties of olive oil helps reduce the occurrence of scalp problems and infections, which are one of the major causes of hairfall, hair damage and baldness.

Using Olive Oil in Hair- Is it Safe?

Olive oil is amazingly helpful for the body. Pure olive oil has absolutely no side effects whatsoever associated with its use. It is absolutely safe and is being used by people all around the world as a natural remedy for common hair problems.

However, you must make sure you use olive oil in the right way. Stick to the use of small quantity of oil, especially if you have a greasy scalp. Avoid using too much of oil on your hair and scalp, and also wash it off thoroughly using a mild cleansing shampoo.

Tips and Tricks to Do it Right!

Okay, now that you know olive oil is really great for your hair, it’s time to go a bit deeper into understanding how you could use it for your hair health. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you incorporate olive oil into your daily haircare routine.

  • Use olive oil as a conditioner- dump your bottle of expensive conditioner and switch to olive oil instead! Around half an hour before your shower, take some olive oil in the palm of your hands and massage it onto your entire hair length. Be careful not to use too much of olive oil. Wrap a warm towel around your hair and let it stay for half an hour or so. Shampoo as usual. Trying this treatment 2-3 times a week can bring about amazing results.
  • Olive oil as a hair mask- extremely dry and damaged hair can be repaired naturally by a simple olive oil overnight hair mask. Just massage some pure olive oil on your scalp and on the entire hair length, wrap it up in an old T-shirt and let it stay overnight. This intensive moisturizing treatment can add the luster and shine back to your hair, and also help make it stronger.
  • Anti-frizz treatment- believe it or not, using olive oil in hair can also help control frizz effectively. Simply pour a few drops of olive oil in the palm of your hand, rub it between both the palms to spread it, and then run your palm and fingers over your hair length once. This will add a natural shine to your hair, control frizz without your hair looking too greasy.
  • Anti-dandruff wonder- a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice can work wonders in reducing the appearance and occurrence of dandruff. Infact, this natural treatment usually has zero side effects associated with its use. Simply mix equal portions of olive oil, lemon juice and water, and apply it onto the scalp. Olive oil works by nourishing the dry scalp and reducing flakiness, while lemon juice helps exfoliate the skin and remove the layer of dead cells on the surface.

Olive oil is a natural powerhouse of benefits for different areas of the body, and is your ultimate solution for almost any hair care problem. So go try it out now and let us know how it worked for you!

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