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Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles: 10+ Benefits & Tips


Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles: 10+ Benefits & Tips

Discovering the Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles

From prolonged exposure to sun to long working hours and dehydration- there are several possible causes of dark circles. While a good night’s sleep, good food and a healthy lifestyle usually does the trick, it may not always work in reducing their appearance, and that’s where almond oil comes in.

Keep reading to discover how you could put this oil to use to reduce dark circles naturally!

Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles

There are several benefits of using this wonderful oil, some of which include the following.

  • Almond oil makes for an excellent natural moisturizer, which makes it the perfect moisturizing agent for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Massaging using this oil can hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and supple. This is exceptionally helpful for individuals who have extremely dry skin, which is in turn, more prone to wrinkling.
  • Apart from moisturizing the skin, it also possesses skin lightening properties- perfect for individuals suffering from dark circles possibly due to sun exposure, skin disorders or any other reasons.
  • One of the best reasons why using almond oil for dark circles under eyes is a good idea is the fact that it is a natural and healthy option as opposed to chemical laden skin creams, which damage the skin in the long run.

How to Use Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Using this oil to tackle dark circles is simple- just follow these quick tips and tricks and you’re pretty much sorted.

  • A simple almond oil massage done right before bedtime is the easiest way to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Use the tips of your fingers to lightly massage the area around the eyes in slow, circular movements. This not only hydrates the skin but also improves circulation and makes your eyes look less fatigued and brighter.
  • You could also consider mixing almond oil with some honey in equal quantities and use this mixture for an overall face massage- works as a wonderful hydrant and skin tonic.
  • Using a mixture of milk and sweet almond oil for dark circles and as a weekly face mask is also a great idea.


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