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Top Mantras for Meditation That Work as Excellent Stress Busters

mantras for meditation

Top Mantras for Meditation That Work as Excellent Stress Busters

Achieve Inner Peace by Practicing These Mantras for Meditation

Meditation is one of the most ancient and proven practices for achieving peace and getting stronger spiritually. But meditation isn’t specific to a simple ‘do this and that’ sort of practice.

mantras for meditation

It has grown many branches over the years, with different forms of meditation pertaining to different type of practices. One such form is called as mantra meditation, which involves speaking a certain word or a set of words over and over again to achieve inner peace. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the mantras for meditation.


We begin by giving you the simplest of all mantras to have ever come into existence: om. This two-lettered word, though seemingly simple, has actually been the primary keyword of many saints to meditate. In Hinduism, Om is the symbol of the lord that encompasses all the things that have come into creation. I am that I am.

If you have trouble translating the word every time you recite one of the mantras for meditation, you can try saying ‘I am that I am’. It’s the answer that Moses received from God when he asked for his name. Whether you believe in a certain religion or even are an Atheist, certain words can influence you if you believe in them, and ‘I am that I am’ is surely one of them. Try it if you don’t believe us!

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

One of the more modern-day mantras are ones that Belong to certain personalities such as Gandhi, who believed that the society could only be changed if every person at an individual level decides to be the first one and make the change in him/herself. The truth in the statement is enough to get some to contemplate on the change that the person wishes to see in the world, and then changing that characteristic about themselves in the first place.

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So, these are the three mantras that we believe can change quite a few things about you, and in a good way. Do you have any mantras that have personally affected your life as well? Let us know in the comments!


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