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Top 12 Estrogen Rich Foods

estrogen rich foods

Top 12 Estrogen Rich Foods

So you just got diagnosed with low estrogen? Well that’s a bummer! From vaginal dryness and mood swings to irregular menstrual cycle and fatigue- you’ve probably experienced it all, and it’s not good.

While your best bet should be to seek medical help and follow your doctor’s advice on dealing with it all, you can always use a little extra help! Adding more of these 12 estrogen rich foods is a great way to get back to your active and happy self!

Best Estrogen Rich Foods

While most of these foods are natural and safe to consume, it is always a great idea to double check with your physician, especially if you’re on certain medications or treatments.


Flaxseeds are the big daddy of all superfoods, and yes, they are one of the best foods rich in estrogen. Packed with fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, they make for one of the best additions to your diet- whether or not you have low estrogen levels. Sprinkle ground flaxseeds over your morning bowl of oats, or add ‘em to your cookies & bakes.

estrogen rich foods


When teamed up with some spices and herbs, chickpeas can do a great job of giving your body the much needed estrogen. Plus, they’re rich in fiber and protein- another reason to add more of them to your gravies and soups!

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts have proved to be effective, but yet, are often overlooked as a means of stabilizing estrogen (and other hormone) levels in the body. These sprouts make for a plant source of estrogen, which means there’s virtually no risk or side effect associated with their consumption.


High in iron and phytoestrogens, tofu makes for an excellent healthy replacement for chicken and meat- and that’s exactly why vegans and vegetarians love it so much. Start slow by doing the swap once a week, and then progress.

estrogen rich foods

Sesame Seeds

Loaded with fiber and important minerals, sesame seeds are another great estrogen rich food option to opt for. Sprinkle ‘em over your salads and grilled foods for a healthy crunch.

Dried Fruits

Think apricots, prunes & dates- dried fruits are another great food option that can help balance your hormones, especially estrogen. A big plus is that they can act as a healthy snack option- they’re sweet and chewy (working wonderfully for those sweet cravings) and are packed with fiber too!


Looking for a quick estrogen boost? Peas are just what you need! What’s great is the fact that apart from giving your body a good dose of phytoestrogens, they also lend an added bonus of many other minerals like potassium, iron and magnesium. Plus, they’re packed with vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system naturally.

estrogen rich foods


Blessed with natural fiber and an ability to reduce blood cholesterol, beans are already a healthy food choice. Plus, they also contain phytoestrogen which help balance your hormones. Add more of them to your soups and salads to see the difference!


Chickpeas are a natural source of phytoestrogen, which mimics estrogen in the body. Plus, they’re also rich in protein and fiber, making them a healthy food choice too. Stuck with a good recipe including chickpeas? Hummus is your best bet.


Tempeh is obtained from soybeans, making it an excellent food choice if you’re suffering from menopausal symptoms. It is also a rich source of protein- replace the meats in your food with tofu for a healthier twist.


Just a small serving of soybeans a day can give you a good dose of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and yes- the ultimate hormone regulating goodness! Cooked soybeans go best in your salads and soups!

Soy Milk

Soy milk, also derived from soy, has the same benefits as tempeh and tofu, but with the added bonus that it can be easily consumed. Now’s the time to replace your cow’s milk with soy milk, and add more of it to your cooking and baking attempts.

estrogen rich foods

Bran Cereal

Rich in phytoestrogens and other healthy minerals, bran cereal is another diet essential if you’re looking to improve your estrogen levels naturally. Think bran muffins and bran cereal for your breakfast this time!


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