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Tackling Gas Pain in Chest: The Natural Way!

gas pain in chest

Tackling Gas Pain in Chest: The Natural Way!

Natural Remedies to Tackle Gas Pain in Chest

Flatulence and gas can be super irritating and uncomfortable, but not just because of the obvious reasons. Sometimes, holding it all in can also cause chest pain. 

gas pain in chest

Though it sounds gross, almost all of us has faced this at one point in our lives, and this eventually leads to the stored gas leading to pain in the chest, sometimes even after it has been expelled from your body. So, how do you get rid of gas pain in chest? Read on to find out.


Papaya is packed with health benefits, but apart from being a good food choice, it also helps support digestive health, particularly when it comes to gas and bloating. Having a small chunk or two of this tropical fruit can help speed up digestion of food and tackle intestinal gas first hand. 

Chamomile Tea

Apart from being an excellent soothing tea (perfect for when you’re struck with anxiety or a stressful spell) chamomile tea also helps boost digestive health and relaxes the muscles and internal linings of the digestive tract, stimulating the expulsion of trapped gas, which in turn, prevents gas pain in chest single-handedly. 

Avoiding Dairy Products

It goes without saying that despite their immense health benefits, dairy products are notorious for development of gas in your stomach. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the milk/cheese/dairy product is processed or raw/organic, since that property doesn’t change things in either of those cases. 

Avoid Soft Drinks

Soft drinks have a lot of carbon dioxide in them, thus consuming it will not only damage your health as it usually does, it will also lead to the worsening of your gas pain condition. If you really need to have a drink in case it’s summer, try having lemonade or fruit juices which will also provide additional health benefits.


Certain exercises such as sit ups can easily help in getting rid of that gas through your body’s natural motion of expelling it from the body. You know how the situp is done, just make sure to do this thing in private if you aim on releasing the gas in the body, not to mention the strengthening of the muscles in the abdomen to work towards a toned belly or a six-pack.

Following these quick tips and tricks can help reduce gas pain in chest naturally and super effectively. If any of these worked for you, let us know in the comments box below!

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