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Psyllium Husk Weight Loss-Is it Effective?

psyllium husk benefits

Psyllium Husk Weight Loss-Is it Effective?

How Does Psyllium Husk Weight Loss Work? Let’s Find Out

While the evidence on some of the properties of psyllium husk is limited, the facts that are proven regarding this husk is that it is very lightweight and helps in getting rid of various everyday health problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

However, many people are confused on the reason behind psyllium husk weight loss properties. Using some of the research and the analogy on how psyllium husk works once inside your body, we aim to show you that consuming it will help you a lot.

Research Data

In March 2005, a medical article published in the journal Nutrition suggested that due to it’s properties of absorbing water and it’s fiber content, it can make you feel full even after you haven’t consumed a lot of food, thus paving the way to more effective results in weight loss.

Another study conducted in August 2007, published in the journal American Family Physician showed that consuming psyllium husk resulted in a lower body mass index.

Though these are just some of the studies, many other universities like the University of Maryland actually recommend people to take advantage of weight loss properties of psyllium husk by having it with a glass of water.

Health Properties of Psyllium Husk

Apart from research, there are several characteristics of psyllium husk that have led us to believe that psyllium husk weight loss is possible:

  • Detox: As we mentioned earlier, when combined with water psyllium husk absorbs a lot of the waste from your body (thus relieving you of constipation) but this property also makes it useful during detoxification as the toxins get stuck to psyllium husk as well! This makes weight loss endeavors much easier.

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  • Suppressed Appetite: Suppressed appetite is also a property of psyllium husk that can aid those who put on a lot of weight due to over consumption of food.
  • Proper bowel movement: Though it sounds gross, but the fecal matter in your body also adds to some of the weight on your body. This, and the fact that enemas are painful, should be enough to convince you to eat psyllium husk thanks to its digestive health benefits of ensuring proper cleaning of the colon.



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