Progresso Soup Diet Uncovered!

Understanding the Progresso Soup Diet

With many different fad diets making rounds, it can get a bit tricky trying to understand which diet plan to follow, especially if you’re looking for a simple, no fuss and reliable diet plan to keep your weight in check, and that’s when the Progresso soup diet comes in.

So is it really worth your time? Read on to find out!

Progresso Soup Diet- The Basics

Just like other soup diets, the Progresso soup diet works on the basic principle of replacing your meal with a low calorie alternative that’s filling as well- soup! This diet started off by a guy named Progresso, who wanted to prove that consuming more of soup could be an excellent way to lose weight. The diet requires one to replace 2-3 meals a day with a can of soup, however, the type of soup to be consumed remains unspecified with a broad assumption of each serving being between 60-100 calories.

Does it Really Help?

As it clearly states on its official website, the Progresso soup diet is not meant for long term use, possibly due to the health risks it may potentially pose. Extreme calorie restriction has been found to be risky, and could also lead to nutrient deficiencies in some cases. In addition, following such a diet tends to cause loss of muscle as opposed to loss of fat, which is counterproductive. Also, following a soup based diet for a long term is practically impossible, which is another minus.

The Benefits of Progresso Soup Diet!

While sticking to the Progresso soup diet could turn out to be harmful in the long run, it does have a bunch of benefits associated with it as well.

  • For starters, Progresso soups are super delicious- they aren’t too salty or spicy and generally have a great flavor.
  • Just a couple of cups of the soup could help you feel full for a good number of hours- so you won’t end up feeling hungry after you’ve had them.
  • They’re healthy since they pack in lots of veggies as well.
  • You’ll find tons of options and flavors to choose from- beef & vegetable soup, chicken & noodle soup, Italian style soup, vegetable & rice soup, minestrone and many more.
  • They’re perfect for people who tend to be on a time crunch and still want to make a little effort into losing weight. It just takes a few minutes in the microwave and the soup is ready!
  • Consuming these soups can earn you ‘weight watchers’ points, which is another added bonus!

In general, the Progresso soup diet may seem like a great option for those aiming to lose weight in a short period of time, or those who don’t want to stick to the good old routine of healthy eating and exercise to gradually lose the extra fat.

Tips & Tricks to Do it Right!

It’s true that following a soup based diet does boost weight loss dramatically, but relying solely on it can have more of a negative impact on your body. However, including soups in your meals (and not entirely relying on them) could be a good alternative.

You could start by swapping your lunch for a bowl of energy dense soup like a bone broth and add in a bunch of healthy veggies (think carrots, cabbage, cauliflower etc). This could help keep you feeling full, give your body the energy it needs without loading up on the calories, and be a good way to lose weight as well.

You could also add some multigrain noodles or rice to go along with it to make it a complete meal and at the same time, not be too hard on your body.

When it comes to losing weight, one of the best advises to stick by is to follow the rule of moderation. You don’t necessarily have to starve yourself to lose weight. All it takes is a little bit of effort into sticking to a healthy diet plan, watching your calorie intake and teaming it up with some exercise to start seeing the results you want, and on a healthy note with no not-so-good effects on your body.

Check out the quick links to some delicious soups available online here and stock ’em up for your healthy eating routine and kick start your weight loss efforts.

Progresso Soup Diet: Is it Another Fad Diet?

From alkaline diets to the grapefruit diet- you may have come across tons of fad diets if you’re actively trying to lose weight. So where exactly does the Progresso soup diet fit in all of it? Is it another fad diet you probably shouldn’t waste time on? Or is it worth your effort?

Well, the Progresso soup diet is a bit different than other fad diets making rounds. It involves replacing the meals of your day with soup- you’re open to choosing the different types of soups, but most people have experienced success with sticking to low calorie soups. Most soups that are consumed under the Progresso soup diet are supposed to have lower than 100 calories.

It is important to note that this diet is a restrictive diet, which means getting a ‘yes’ from your physician is an absolute must before you get on with it!

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