Orange Essential Oil for Hair: 10+ Benefits & Tricks

How to Use Orange Essential Oil for Hair

The citrusy scent combined with a powerful therapeutic punch- that’s what orange essential oil is all about! But does this oil have any applications when it comes to improving skin and hair health? Turns out, yes! Here’s how to use orange essential oil for hair!

orange essential oil for hair

  • Orange essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which is why, it is particularly useful for inflammatory condition of the skin, especially the scalp.
  • When applied topically to the scalp in combination with a good carrier oil, it can soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness and soreness that could be occurring due to any infection on the scalp, and stimulate healing as well.
  • Individuals affected by fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp can experience maximum benefits after using this essential oil as a part of their hair care regimen.
  • Infact, one of the best benefits of using orange essential oil for hair is that it can also stimulate hair growth, owing to its ability to boost circulation and improve the flow of blood to the scalp.
  • This essential oil basically works by clearing off any inflammation and infection on the scalp, which is a major factor contributing to hair loss and hairfall. It helps improve overall scalp health which stimulates the hair follicles and natural improves hair growth and hair texture.
  • Individuals with dry and rough hair can benefit by using this oil in addition to another carrier oil as a weekly hair conditioning treatment.

Using orange essential oil for hair is easy! Simply mix a few drops of the oil into some coconut oil or avocado oil or olive oil, and use it to massage your scalp and entire hair length once a week! Make sure you do a patch test earlier to check your sensitivity to the oil, especially if you’re using it for the first time.

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