Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks: 10 Second Tricks

Best Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Statistics have revealed that anxiety disorders have become more common today, and while proper medication is the best way to manage it, a little help from some natural remedies can make things a lot better. Here we’ve listed the best natural remedies for panic attacks and stress that you can implement right away!

natural remedies for panic attacks

  • Laugh- It’s easier said than done, but even fake laughing has a huge impact on your state of mind, and can calm down an episode of anxiety almost instantly. So get onto YouTube and watch a funny cat video!
  • Try progressive muscle relaxation- Just when you feel a panic attack creeping in, start with a quick session of progressive muscle relaxation. You can look up a detailed video online and learn how to do it, but the basic idea is to focus on every area of your body and try to relax the muscles there, ultimately relaxing your entire body.
  • Have GABA handy- GABA supplements are one of the best solutions for individuals hit by panic attacks, and can tackle stress and anxiety almost instantly.
  • Use essential oils- Natural essential oils like lavender and peppermint have soothing and calming properties that are perfect for people who are too excited and anxious all the time. Have an essential oil diffuser in your room, or carry a handkerchief with has a couple of drops of these essential oils for easy access.
  • Ground yourself- When hit by an anxiety episode, do something tangible- it can be something as simple as getting into the kitchen for a glass of water or holding a paperweight in your hand. Distracting yourself can help get your mind off the situation that triggered your panic attack, and can get you more time to deal with it better.
  • Breathe- Taking long, deep breaths is one of the best natural remedies for panic attacks and stress. It may not sound like a lot, but it actually works wonders. Get started on it right in the heat of the moment, and you should feel yourself calm down within just minutes, if not earlier.

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