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Migraine Relief Pressure Points: 7+ Points for Instant Relief

Migraine Relief Pressure Points: 7+ Points for Instant Relief

Say Goodbye To Hammering Headaches With These Easy Migraine Relief Pressure Points!

It’s hard to find migraine relief when you don’t have any home remedies available nearby and popping an aspirin seems too damaging on your liver. Thus, for getting rid of it, here are some instant migraine relief pressure points!

migraine relief pressure points

Bigger Rushing

Bigger rushing is a pressure point that’s located in the middle of the first and second toe (the big one and the thin one). Applying some pressure on it will reduce the pain of migraine.

Shoulder Well

The shoulder well is not a very easily accessible area, as it’s located at the edge of your shoulders. But once you do massage yourself on those pressure points, you can easily get rid of the migraine symptoms as well as feel stress free to a certain extent.

Wind Mansion

Aside from reducing the pain from migraine, applying pressure on the wind mansion which is the point that’s midway between your ear and your spine will also help in relieving nasal congestion.

Union Valley

One of the most common pressure points for relief in migraine is the union valley that’s located between in the webbing between the thumb and the first finger. While it’s effective, steer clear of it if you’re pregnant to avoid contractions in the uterus.

Above Tears

Located at an inch above the webbing between your feet and toes, the above tears is one of those migraine relief pressure points that can help in getting rid of shoulder tension and hip pain as well.

Temple Region

The 5 points that lie from one end of the ear to another in a curved line is a very nifty way to relieve migraine pain. The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that all of the points have to stimulated simultaneously in order to get maximum benefits.

Third Eye Point

Being one of the famous pressure points for relieving headaches out there, it goes without saying that something as intense as migraine can also be cured easily by stimulating the third eye point.

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Drilling Bamboo

The points located on the inner corner of the eye is known as the inner bamboo pressure point. It’s quite useful to treat the kind of headache and stress you feel after being exposed to a lot of UV light from smartphones and other electronics.

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