Lice vs Dandruff – Telling the Difference!

Lice vs Dandruff-Understanding the Difference!

Lice vs dandruff, coriander vs cilantro, is there a difference? Well, of course there is! Maybe not in the second instance, but mind you, lice and dandruff are two very different conditions that have to be dealt with separately. It’s important to know which pests (or substances) in the body cause what problems so that you are aware of what you’ll be doing the next time you face either of those.

lice vs dandruff


One of the most common hair problems –dandruff is characterized by white or yellow flaky patches of skin on your scalp which is a result of eczema. In some cases, it can also cause redness or irritation but for the most part, the problematic thing about dandruff that you get oily hair due to overproduction of oil by the skin, and that you might have an embarrassing moment or two if you are in public wearing a dark colored shirt when you have dandruff.

The good thing about dandruff is that it’s non contagious, so you cannot expect to have dandruff if you’ve spent your evening with someone who is suffering from it. Also, since dandruff isn’t a living thing to begin with, they do not bring the itchy feeling that you might get from head lice.


In some aspects, head lice can be considered similar to dandruff such as the appearance of white substances in your hair but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that the white/yellow patches of dandruff you would find are usually either too oily or too dry.

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Since lice are living beings, they have 3 perceivable stages of growth:

  • Eggs: The very first stage of a lice’s life cycle is characterized by tiny white specks called nits or eggs.
  • Nymphs: Nymphs are the adolescent stage of a lice, where you can distinguish it by seeing the tan-colored insects that have been hatched from their eggs.
  • Adult lice: These are fully grown adult lice that you might see if you are facing an uncontrollable itchy feeling in your head. Compared to dandruff, they are still small since they are the size of a cucumber seed.

All in all, if we can sum up the so-called  ‘lice vs dandruff’ dilemma- lice can be more irritating and contagious, whereas dandruff can be handled more easily even if you are outdoors.

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