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How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair: 5 Actionable Tricks

how to use tea tree oil for hair

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair: 5 Actionable Tricks

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Tea tree oil is well known for its applications when it comes to both skincare and haircare, and does everything from targeting bacteria and lice to fighting dandruff. If you’re not sure how to use tea tree oil for hair, here’s your quick guide with 5 easy steps to do it right.

how to use tea tree oil for hair

Scalp Treatment

Tea tree oil can work as the perfect natural treatment for individuals affected by scalp infections. Its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties target the bacteria that cause infection and help heal the skin of the scalp naturally.

Natural Conditioner

One of the simplest and most effective ways to put tea tree oil to use is to use it as a natural conditioner for your hair. Just combine it with a good carrier oil and use it as a pre-shampoo conditioning regimen.

Hair Pack

Exposure to environmental pollutants, the harsh sun and styling treatments can damage the hair and leave it frizzy, and that’s where tea tree oil steps in. Use it as a weekly hair pack to repair hair damage, fight head lice and dandruff and boost hair health.

Hair Spray

A simple mixture of tea tree oil and water, using as a hair spray occasionally, can be a powerful natural remedy for head lice, scalp infections and more. Plus, this hair spray can also help nourish the hair, and keep it frizz free without being too greasy.

Pre-Bath Hair Treatment

Tea tree oil, mixed with a carrier oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil, can be used as a pre-bath hair moisturizing treatment too. Massage your hair with this mixture atleast an hour before bath time, then wrap your hair up in a warm towel and let it stay for a while. This treatment, done weekly can have beneficial results and tackle almost all hair problems.

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