How to Postpone your Period Naturally

A Quick Guide on How to Postpone your Period

Heading out to a short road trip with your friends but got your dates coming up? Having your period while you’re in the mood to have some fun can be total buzzkill, but thankfully, you can actually delay your period naturally and without medications.

Keep reading to find out how to postpone your period naturally with herbs, foods and safe approaches.

Avoid Spicy Foods

One of the best ways to delay your period is to avoid having spicy foods atleast a week before your date. Spicy food is known to boost the flow of blood through the body, and in turn, also helps initiate the menstrual cycle. Go easy on foods like chillies, garlic and ginger for a few days.


Stress is one of the most underrated factors that also tends to trigger the menstrual cycle, and one of the best natural ways to tackle stress is to exercise regularly- even if it means going out for a short walk. Make sure you engage in some light physical activity on a daily basis- it’ll act as a natural stress buster and delay your period too.

Eat More of Lentils

While there’s no study done to back up this one, it has been noted that a soup made out of lentils, when consumed for a week, can help delay the onset of periods. Remember to go easy on the spices when you get started with seasoning the soup.

Drink More Water

Not sure about how to postpone your period naturally? The simple act of drinking more water and keeping yourself hydrated can make a huge difference! Make sure you consume atleast 6-7 glasses of water a day- no matter what.

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Use Vinegar

Another natural and effective way to postpone your period is to take a glass of filtered water and add a few tablespoons of vinegar to it, and drink it on a daily basis. Vinegar helps create an alkaline environment in the body, which tends to influence the onset of period and delay it.

Parsley Leaves

Parsley leaf extracts help in 2 ways when it comes to delaying periods- first, it rehydrates the body thanks to its water content, and second, it gives the body a good dose of many important vitamins and minerals. Simply boil some parsley leaves with water, strain it, sweeten it with honey, and drink it everyday atleast a week before your period date.

how to postpone your period

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