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How to Open Chakras To Attain Spiritual Divinity!

how to open chakras

How to Open Chakras To Attain Spiritual Divinity!

Discover How to Open Chakras and What are They All About

Opening your seven chakras is no joke as it is the primary requirement for being able to reach a higher level of spirituality, at least according to the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. But, one might ask ‘how to open chakras’. Well, if you aim to reach a deep state of meditation where your mind unravels the many mysteries of the universe, or you’re simply eager to learn, here’s how you can open the seven chakras in your body!

how to open chakras

Root Chakra

To open the first chakra, let the tips of your index finger and thumb touch each other in a peaceful way, and focus your energy on the spot between the anus and the genitals, which is the location of the root chakra.

Sacral Chakra

We have already covered in detail about opening the sacral chakra, but all you need to do is to put your hands on your lap while sitting in a cross-legged position, with one palm on the top of another. Keep the tips of the thumb touching gently and focus on the spot that sacral chakra resides on, which is the sacral bone on the lower back.

Navel Chakra

The naval chakra is located on the spine just a bit above the navel, so you need to focus on that particular spot while keeping the following pose intact: Put your hands before your stomach and let the fingers in the open hands touch each other at the ends in a peak form. Keep your thumbs one above the other and chant ‘RAM’ during this meditation.

Heart Chakra

Opening the heart chakra is easy, as all you need to do is to let the tips of your index finger and the thumb touch each other, and put your left hand on the left knee and the right hand on the lower part of the breast bone, and sitting cross-legged all the time. Concentrate on the heart during this exercise since it’s the heart chakra you’ll be opening after all.

Throat Chakra

In the inside of your hands, cross your fingers and keep the thumbs touched with each other and pull them up. Focus the energy when staying in this position at the base of the throat. You could also keep chanting HAM to increase it’s effectiveness.

Third Eye Chakra

Though it might sound unbelievable, but many saints have claimed of the humans consisting of a third eye that’s not capable of making you see things you usually can’t. To open the third eye chakra, put your hands before the lower breast and keep all of the fingers touching each other at the phalanges except for the middle finger. Keep the thumbs pointed toward you and concentrate on the third eye, which lies at a spot that’s slightly above the eyebrows in the middle.

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Crown Chakra

The final chakra known as the crown chakra is the most spiritual chakra of all. Any guide on how to open chakra is basically not legit without mentioning the crown chakra. To open this chakra, put your hands before your stomach, letting the ring fingers point up and touch their tops. With the right thumb on the left thumb, cross the rest of your fingers. Concentrate on the position of the crown chakra which is on the top of your head.

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