How to Get Your Period to Start Early & Super Safely

how to get your period to start

Uncovering How to Get Your Period to Start Faster

Not sure how to get your period to start faster and safely? We’re here to help! Get started on these simple yet effective and actionable strategies to do it right! Read on…

how to get your period to start


Exercising is one of the most effective ways to make your period come naturally, and what’s best about it is the fact that it is actually good for your body! It has been found in a study that regular exercise can help maintain a healthy menstrual cycle by releasing endorphins and lowering estrogen levels. So go out and get started on a little high intensity exercise or sport!

Get Some Pineapple Juice

Tropical juices, particularly pineapple and papaya juice, are excellents foods to include in your diet if you’re looking to speed things up in that area. These fruits are basically ‘heat inducing’ fruits that cause the body temperature to rise up a bit, which in turn, helps aid the onset of menstruation.

Tackle Stress

Believe it or not, stress can be a good cause of your period getting delayed by days, weeks and sometimes even months. Tackling stress is easier said than done, but if you suspect that’s the reason behind the delay, go out and do something fun for a little stress release. Play with a pet or get out for a short walk alone- handling stress can be so simple sometimes- you just need to give it a little try!

Sip on Herbal Tea

Herbal teas, particularly parsley and ginger tea, can work as excellent natural menstrual stimulants. Both these herbs tend to boost the flow of blood to the pelvic region and help trigger the onset of menstrual cycle.

Other Approaches

Apart from these super safe approaches, there are several other ways to make your period come faster! We’ve listed some of the best ones below.

  • Have sex- during intercourse, the flow of blood to the pelvic area is increased, which can help bring on early menstruation.
  • Apply a hot compress on the lower abdomen once a day- this tends to heat up the pelvic area, which can help your menstruation start early.
  • Have more of vitamin C rich foods- these foods tend to help boost the production of estrogen in the body, which causes the uterine lining to build faster, making the uterus contract and help you get your periods sooner.

It’s always good to stock up on the essentials isn’t it?



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