How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes Fast

Quick Tips to Prevent Wrinkles Under Eyes

One of the worst beauty disasters that one could possibly have are, of course, eye wrinkles. These nasty things are a result of your lack of sleep, which is something we’ll be covering on our solution list of how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes fast. Read on…

wrinkles under eyes


Aside from lesser sleep, another source of eye wrinkles could also be the lack of water in the area under the eyes that has caused the skin to dry out and form wrinkles. While you cannot constantly keep water under your eyes as it dries out pretty quick (plus it’s weird to do that), a cucumber ensures proper hydration without much hassle. It’s just a matter of chopping two slices and putting them on your eyes. Repeat everyday and you’ll notice the wrinkles gone in no time!

Egg Whites

Egg whites, due to their skin tightening properties, are one of the effective remedies that we’d recommend to get rid of wrinkles under eyes fast. One note of caution, though: this skin tightening property of egg whites can also be the source of another beauty disaster (eye bags) if you leave them too long on your delicate skin. It’s best to remove them after ~20 minutes of application.


While home remedies may help in getting rid of wrinkles under eyes, it won’t prevent them from coming again if you stay up late and then don’t get enough sleep. Go to bed early, and rise up early. It’ll make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Okay, quotes apart, getting sleep is important to keep your body’s vital functions to work properly.

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As long as you use a moisturizer without a lot of chemicals in it, it’s one of those beauty products that also acts as a cream to prevent under-the-eye from wrinkles. This is due to the same principle that your wrinkles need some hydration, and a moisturizer being full of hydrating agents helps in healing your wrinkles.

So, have you been troubled by under-eye wrinkles recently? Did what did you use to get rid of it? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know!

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