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How to Get Rid of Blemishes Fast and Easy!

how to get rid of blemishes

How to Get Rid of Blemishes Fast and Easy!

Indispensable Tips on How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Blemishes, despite being a common problem among teenagers, is also quite common among many grown ups. And it’s no surprise that they ruin your look, making you indulge in creams and cosmetics that ultimately add a lot of harmful chemicals in your skin. So what should you do? Here’s how to get rid of blemishes, the natural way!

how to get rid of blemishes

Combat the Sun

Either staying away from sun between 10am and 2pm or using the appropriate sunscreen makes you resistant to sun damage. Notice that we said resistant and not immune, since you are still susceptible to sun damage if you stay too long. It’s best to avoid the sun whenever possible as it irritates the acne in your face, leading to blemishes.


There’s no need to know how to get rid of blemishes if you already know how to prevent blemishes in the first place. Prevent the growth of blemishes on your skin by getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads, acne and any other skin problem to minimize the chances of growing blemishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has an array of benefits that can take up 5 separate posts if talked about. All you need to know is that its benefits extend to treating skin blemishes as well. Just mix one portion of the vinegar with 8 portions of water to create a solution. Rinse your face with this solution at least twice a day and you’ll slowly but surely notice the change. Stop rinsing your face when the blemishes are gone.

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Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Mixing aloe vera gel along with some vitamin E capsules can make a compound that can be very useful for blemishes on both the face and other parts of the body. The process is as simply as taking some aloe vera gel and crushing some vitamin E capsules into it. If you cannot find any vitamin E capsules, then solely using aloe vera gel is also enough, although not quite as effective as its counterpart.

So, did you like our home remedies to get rid of blemishes? Do you have some other remedies you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment down below!

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