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How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache Fast!

how to get rid of tension headache fast

How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache Fast!

Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache

Does stress and anxiety seem to be an inseparable part of your life? Are you constantly in a burned out mode, and feel overworked? You’re not alone. Juggling the 9 to 5 lifestyle with home and social life is tough, and it definitely takes a toll on your health. As such, headaches, fatigue and sluggishness become common.

If you’re more prone to tension headaches and it seems to be affecting your productivity at work and your social relationships, it can get a bit tricky. Thankfully, we’ve got you some tips and home remedies on how to get rid of a tension headache.


There’s no point in working too much if you know that the headache is going to curb your productivity anyway. Taking a nap, resting for a little bit, or simply sitting on the couch and watching your favorite TV show can be a little helpful. Since all of these activities are supposed to de-stress you, you’ll feel better after a while and the headache will be gone.

Water or Herbal Tea

While the other remedies are effective, our recommendation would be to curb alcohol (if you are drinking any) as the first order of business and to immediately drink lots of water or to brew yourself a cup of herbal tea. Dehydration can be a cause of headache, with the stress and tension only making it worse. You’ll be surprised at how the simple trick of rehydrating your body can help curb tension headache almost instantly.  


Trust us on this one, treating yourself to a little massage session once in a while could be one of the best ways to tackle overall stress and anxiety, and yes, headache too. Apart from that, massaging certain target points on your head and face could help provide relief from tension headaches super effectively. 

Move Around

If you’re one of those who tend to spend a good chunk of their day sitting in front of a computer, this one’s gonna help you! Treating your body to even a little bit of exercise can work wonders, and it will not just reduce headaches and backaches, but if practiced regularly, can also slash the risk of several lifestyle related disorders.

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Do a Pillow Check

Believe it or not, an erratic sleeping schedule coupled with the wrong sleeping position could trigger a tension headache. Get your hands on a comfortable pillow that supports your upper body- preferably a good memory foam pillow. 


Sometimes, what may present itself as a tension headache may actually be your body’s deficiency for a particular nutrient or vitamin. Have a talk with your doc about a good multivitamin supplement that you could take.

how to get rid of tension headache fast


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