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How to Delay Your Period Using Home Remedies

how to delay your period

How to Delay Your Period Using Home Remedies

Not Sure How to Delay Your Period Naturally? Read On!

So you’re heading out to that road trip with your BFFs, or maybe there’s somewhere you need to be, and you’ll need to be fully charged and active for the day, and your date’s approaching. Now it could put a damper on things, but not anymore! Here’s we’ve revealed the ultimate list of tips and tricks for you if you’re not sure how to delay your period! Read on…

how to delay your period

Parsley and Honey Drink

Parsley has a lot of health benefits, the important one being strengthening the immune system that allows for a better control over your menstrual cycle. Honey also adds a lot of benefits but it’s only included here for adding taste to the drink. Boil a bunch of parsley leaves in 500 ml water, strain this water, add a teaspoon of honey and drink this mixture to delay your period naturally and safely.

Controlling Stress

The early appearance of periods can also be linked to stress, and since we’re talking about how to delay your period and not how to bring your period earlier, you’ll need to have a lot of water and even practice meditation on a regular basis to have better control over it.

Stay Hydrated

Though there isn’t any foolproof study that has confirmed the existence of this, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water will definitely help you in delaying your period, since many ladies have tried and confirmed it. It may or may not work for you, but what’s the harm in trying?


Lemon, due to it’s natural acidic properties and vitamin C content, can not only help you in delaying your period but also help in solving the complications associated with it such as inflammation and pain in the vaginal area. Just chew or suck on a lemon to harness the benefits.

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No Spices

Though that Indian takeout you just had might be tasty, but the loads of spices in there might be what’s keeping your menstrual cycle intact or even make it come early. Once again, this hasn’t been proven in a scientific study, but many women have tried removing spices in their food and have come up with positive results.

So, do you have any methods that have helped you in delaying your period? Let us know in the comments!

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