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How GABA Benefits Mood, Health & Cognition

GABA benefits

How GABA Benefits Mood, Health & Cognition

GABA Benefits Explored!

GABA, otherwise known as Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, is generally used in vitamin supplements for getting rid of stress and anxiety but what you didn’t know is that it has many more benefits, some which are listed down below.

GABA benefits

Healing Cognitive Disorders

Due to its property to create a tranquility among users and calm them from stress and restlessness, healing many cognitive disorders such as ADHD whose symptoms can be sourced back to restlessness by letting the patient focus better.

Healing Depression

Since GABA is nothing but a brain neurotransmitter released to give your body a feeling of ‘calm’, it benefits people suffering from depression, since it alleviates mood and makes you feel more positive, something which people with depression lack in. Keep in mind that this doesn’t make GABA a cure for depression as counselling is still necessary to get out of that state in a natural way.

Weight Loss

Though GABA benefits people who are overweight by promoting weight loss, the way in which it does that is quite different. For instance, while other foods might burn fat or increase metabolism, GABA aids weight loss by promoting a healthy sleep routine and also brings a person back to a happier state, thus aiding the psychological problem that promotes overeating in the first place.

Sexual Functioning

Yes, having GABA pills can also help improve sexual functioning by counteracting several issues related to sexual functioning which include, but are not limited to poor sleep, inadequate nutrition and stress. In a lot of cases among erectile dysfunction in men, the root cause of the problem has been found to be a lack of GABA in your brain. If your gynecologist suggests so as well, it’s time to start taking them.

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Lesser Side Effects

Though GABA pills do come with certain side effects (drowsiness and increased heart rate), they are, for the most part, manageable. Unlike its alternative medicines can cause some serious health issues if not cautious, you can easily take care of the side effects that come with GABA pills and make them go away in no time. Regardless, prevention is better than cure, so it doesn’t hurt to visit your doctor and take advice from him/her regarding the matter.


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