Honey and Lemon for Skin: 5+ Awesome Benefits & Tricks

Discover the 5 Awesome Benefits of Honey and Lemon For Skin!

Even though there are many home remedies out there for a number of common everyday problems that include honey and lemon, people tend to forget their effectiveness and mostly go for some other remedy such as apple cider vinegar or aloe vera leaf. Guess what? You can easily use honey and lemon for skin, making it better and healthier than before. So what are the benefits of using it? Let’s find out!

honey and lemon for skin

Whitening Skin

We have mentioned earlier about lemon containing vitamin C, which is vital in getting fairer skin, while honey’s nutritional properties helps in keeping it smooth and free of any infections. This combines to be an ultimate skin remedy that you could easily apply as a mask or consume using lemon and honey water.

Getting Rid of Acne

Though bacterial infections are a cause of acne, the other kind of acne caused due to clogged pores or inflammation can easily be cured using the anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties of the duo to get clearer skin.

Wounds and Insect Bite

Bruises can get painful and also infectious if untreated. In that case, the honey and lemon act as natural antiseptics to heal minor wounds and also get rid of scars due to wounds. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory contents it’ll also ease down the pain to some extent.


The appearance of skin cancer, or many other types of cancer, can be sourced back to the free radicals present in your body. To reduce the risk of developing these kinds of cancer, the antioxidants present in both honey and lemon can be really useful as they eliminate these radicals with relative ease, thus saving you from a dangerous disease in the long run.

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Detoxifying Properties

Though all of these benefits might seem good, the fact that they are only applied on superficial application leaves your body susceptible to damage if it’s happening from the inside, such as toxic buildup. In that case, a lemon and honey water diet for a few days can purge the toxins in your body, preventing most, if not all of the skin problems from happening in the first place.

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