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Honey and Cinnamon: 25 Uses of the Wonder Combo!

honey and cinnamon

Honey and Cinnamon: 25 Uses of the Wonder Combo!

25 Super Ways to Use Honey and Cinnamon

What happens when two powerhouses of nutrients come together in a single recipe? That’s exactly what you’re about to find out! Here’s what the insanely healthy combination of honey and cinnamon can do to your body! Read on…

  • The mixture of honey and cinnamon packs in powerful antibacterial action, which can turn out to be splendid natural potion for a good number of external infections and skin conditions.
  • When consumed in the form of a drink, it can also help improve cardiac health by clearing clogged arteries and boosting blood flow to the heart.
  • Bladder infections can be treated naturally with a simple honey and cinnamon mixture. The healing and antimicrobial action of both these work in combination with each other to even tackle conditions like bacterial cystitis.
  • Arthritic patients can benefit a lot by consuming this combo- particularly when it comes to tackling, pain, inflammation and other symptoms associated with arthritis.
  • Gingivitis and other oral health problems can also be effectively tackled and prevented with this powerful combination.
  • Some studies have also found that this mixture can turn out to be a natural way to prevent tooth decay.
  • Gas, bloating, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal conditions can be effectively tackled by consuming a simple mixture of honey and cinnamon.
  • This mixture also helps detox the body naturally.
  • When taken together, both honey and cinnamon can help speed up weight loss, and also help prevent additional weight gain by regulating eating habits and tackling food cravings.
  • When consumed twice a week, it can also help boost energy naturally and improve physical strength thanks to its rich nutritive value.
  • Some findings have also revealed that this mixture could possibly improve mental alertness and enhance memory.
  • The antioxidant content of this mixture makes it an excellent drink to help prevent cancer.
  • When applied topically, it can calm down skin inflammation, particularly that associated with acne.
  • When taken with lukewarm water, it can help relieve symptoms associated with cold and cough.
  • Its high nutritive value also makes it a natural immunity boosting tonic.
  • Applying the mixture onto the scalp can help tackle hair loss and improve growth of hair.
  • Dab the mixture onto an aching tooth several times during the day for natural pain relief.
  • Regular intake of cinnamon and honey can also help reduce blood cholesterol levels and unclog the arteries.

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  • Oral consumption of this mixture can work as an effective way to tackle bad breath.
  • Indigestion and other common digestive complaints can also be readily tackled with this mixture.
  • When consumed with hot water before bed, it can help boost sex performance too!

honey and cinnamon

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