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Hip Joint Pain During Pregnancy- 10+ Effective Ways to Deal With It

hip joint pain during pregnancy

Hip Joint Pain During Pregnancy- 10+ Effective Ways to Deal With It

From hormonal fluctuations to changes in body proportions, pregnancy comes with tons of bodily changes that range from difficult to deal with to downright overwhelming, and hip joint pain is just one of them.

A little sensitivity and moderate hip pain is a normal part of pregnancy, but if you’re experiencing extreme pain and it is affecting your day to day activities, you may need to take steps to handle it. During the entire pregnancy period, it is absolutely essential to visit your practitioner regularly- he will be able to guide you better into the actual cause of your problem, and will give you the best advice into handling pregnancy pains.

In addition, you can also try implementing some of these effective actionable tips and tricks to handle hip joint pain during pregnancy. Read on…

Common Causes of Hip Joint Pain During Pregnancy

There are several possible ways to tackle hip joint pain, all of which depend on the actual cause of the condition. Some common causes of this pain during pregnancy include-

  • The release of the hormone relaxin, which causes loosening of the connective tissue of the back and hips.
  • The changes in posture associated with pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester.
  • Heaviness of the uterus in the later stages of pregnancy, which contributes to both lower back pain and hip joint pain during pregnancy.
  • General weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Improper sleeping positions, especially during the later weeks of pregnancy, most often caused due to enlargement of the belly.

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Tips and Tricks to Handle Hip Pain During Pregnancy

No matter what the cause, there are several effective and actionable ways to deal with hip and lower back pain during pregnancy, some of which are listed below. It is best to have a talk with your doctor before you try implementing any of these techniques and procedures.


Pregnancy isn’t just about lying down and resting- exercise still makes for an essential part of a healthy pregnancy, and has several benefits for the child. Regular exercise keeps your body fit and ready for childbirth. If you’re affected by lower back pain or hip pain, trying some simple pregnancy-friendly exercises may help. You may want to seek professional help and be under the guidance of a trained expert in this case.

Aim for exercises that strengthen the muscles of your lower back and hips, as well as abdominal muscles. Practising them regularly can actually alleviate hip joint pain to a considerable extent.

Warm Compress

Application of warm compresses can also help reduce the intensity of hip and lower back pain during pregnancy. While applying a warm compress doesn’t need a scientist’s brain, it is a good idea to consult your obstetrician before you try it, particularly if you’re in the later stage of pregnancy.

hip joint pain during pregnancy


Massages also work wonderfully in relieving all the aches and pains of pregnancy. They do everything from calming down the body and the mind, to stimulating the flow of blood throughout the body and easing up any tense muscles and joints. Make sure you stick to light and gentle touches while massaging during pregnancy, and do not focus on massaging on particular spots and points.

Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath is probably the best way to relieve muscle tension in the lower back, and is the perfect remedy for mild to moderate hip joint pain during pregnancy. If you tend to be on the bed for most of the time, and are experiencing lower back pain due to stiffness of the lower back joint, or are experiencing pain due to uncomfortable sleeping positions, taking a warm bath is the best thing for you.  


Ideally, it is best to make use of all possible support during the later stages of pregnancy, especially when you are seated or sleeping. Make yourself as comfortable as possible- use pillows and extensions to support your back during sleeping and while you are seated. You may also want to switch to a comfortable mattress if you’re experiencing trouble sleeping properly, and think it may be triggering your back pain.

Water Workout

If you don’t really like the idea of stretching and exercising during pregnancy, water workouts may just be the thing for you. They can greatly improve muscle and joint health without exerting a lot of stress on the body, which means, you won’t be tired easily. These exercises are generally more easy on the body, and are best done under the supervision of an expert.


Acupuncture is another effective remedy for lower back pain during pregnancy. It works by targeting certain points on the body and stimulating them, which in turn, improves the flow of energy through the entire body and the target organs, thereby enhancing overall health and alleviating pain and soreness.

Ice Pack

Ice packs are usually used to calm down pain associated with sprains and injuries, but they can also help relieve lower back pain and hip joint pain during pregnancy. Consult your doctor before you use an ice pack to deal with the pain, especially if you are in the last trimester of pregnancy.


If you’ve not really exercised during your pregnancy period, you may want to start with trying out a few basic stretches to deal with the pain, and actually get started with a proper exercise routine. Light hand and leg stretches and back stretches can improve the flexibility of the target body muscles, and can alleviate stiffness and pain dramatically and in just a few minutes!

Iliac Braces

Iliac braces, also known as pregnancy belts, are often used to support the back and the midsection of your body during pregnancy. They can also act as a wonderful support, and both prevent and treat lower back pain during pregnancy.

These techniques and tips are tried and tested, and have been found extremely effective in acting as a natural remedy for hip joint pain. Which of these worked for you? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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  • Terry Nicholas
    Posted at 15:40h, 30 January Reply

    When my wife was pregnant, we did exercise when it was possible. We were having twins so after a while that was not going to work so well, however, things like warm compresses and hot baths really did the trick. These are all good tips!

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