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Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews 2017

himalayan salt lamp reviews

Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews 2017

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews for the Upcoming Year

Gear up for the upcoming year with a positive note! Get your hands on a Himalayan salt lamp that purifies the air and packs in a ton of benefits associated with its use. To make things easier, here we’ve got the best Himalayan salt lamp reviews for the year 2017!

WBM Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp

With a base crafted out of neem wood and teamed up with a 15 watt bulb, this salt lamp is a great pick. When lit, it releases negative ions which work as a natural air purifier. In addition, the neem wood is the perfect choice of wood for the base, since it is termite resistant.

Crystal Decor Salt Lamp with Metal Basket

If you don’t really like the plain look of the salt lamp, and are looking for something that goes well with your home decor, this one’s the perfect choice. You can choose from several different basket designs and create that perfect dim ambience for your bedroom.

Crystal Allies Natural Salt Lamp

Apart from being good at what it does, this salt lamp also comes with a dimmable switch, which allows you adjust the intensity of light that it emits- cools stuff huh? The negative ions that it releases bind to the positively charged dust particles in the air, leaving the air that you breathe fresh and clean.

Crystal Allies Salt Lamp Combo

If you’re looking for Himalayan salt lamp reviews to make sure you pick a good one as a gift for someone, this one’s it! It is actually a combo of a salt lamp and two cute candle holders- available in different shapes from cube and cylindrical to globe and heart! So if you know someone who’s a healthy living enthusiast, this one’s the perfect gift choice.

WBM Himalayan Salt Chunks

Another bestseller, this one’s a salt lamp with a difference! It comes in a grill basket available in different shapes and variants, and instead of one solid salt crystal, it is a pile of salt chunks. Just plug it in and allow the bulb to glow and activate, causing the emission of negative ions instantly!
himalayan salt lamp reviews

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