Health Benefits of Pistachios: 15+ Super Benefits

Discovering the Health Benefits of Pistachios

Nuts and dried fruits are probably the most nutrient rich foods on the planet- they’re nothing short of superfoods, and pistachios are just one of ‘em. Time to uncover the health benefits of pistachios and add more of them to your foods folks!

  • Pistachios are packed with vitamins A and E, and have anti-inflammatory properties too, which help fight any kind of existing inflammation in the body.
  • The possess cardioprotective properties thanks to their ability to lower the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body.
  • They also turn out to be excellent natural sources of phosphorous, which could help prevent type 2 diabetes as well.
  • The vitamin B6 content of pistachios is very beneficial for the nervous system in particular. It helps improve the buildup of amino acids which transmits nervous signals.
  • Pistachios also pack in 2 powerful antioxidants- zeaxanthin and lutein which fight free radicals and significantly reduce the risk of age related macular degeneration.
  • The vitamin B6 content is also helpful in boosting overall immunity of the body, and helps boost blood supply throughout the body too.
  • This vitamin content also improves hemoglobin count in the blood naturally.
  • One of the best health benefits of pistachios is its vitamin E content- which helps strengthen the different tissues of the body and is essential for healthy skin too.
  • Consuming pistachios often is also a great way to slow down the signs of ageing, since its vitamin E content helps fight the process of ageing and helps your skin look younger and more radiant.
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  • Some findings have also pointed out to the ability of pistachios to fight cancer and serious infections.
  • When it comes to skin health, pistachios lend the skin a natural glow and reduce the risk of sunburns.
  • They also stimulate hair growth, make the hair stronger and fight hair loss especially that related to biotin deficiency.

health benefits of pistachios

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