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Hair Oil For Men-Top 5 Picks

hair oil for men

Hair Oil For Men-Top 5 Picks

Choosing The Best Hair Oil For Men

While it’s a good thing that men don’t have to deal with the atrocities that come with long hair except for you metal fans out there, they still can face a lot of dilemmas in hair care such as dandruff, hair loss and bald patches. But what can you do about it? Well, if you aim to take the natural step, here are some of the best hair oil for men that you can find. Take a look!

Jojoba Oil

We’d specifically recommend jojoba oil to anybody who has dry or damaged hair as this oil can repair the damage and leave no residue in the process as it gets absorbed by the scalp. This makes it one of the few non-sticky and greasy oil types to actually heal your dry hair.

hair oil for men

Almond Oil

Forget all the commercial hair oils that are nothing but heaps of chemicals combined together to make it ‘revolutionary’, almond oil is both natural and effective, plus it’s also beneficial for people who need to increase their vitamin E content. This is just one of the few reasons that we consider almond oil as one of the best hair oil for men.

Coconut Oil

Can’t seem to be able to find that hair oil that is specific to your hair condition? Just get coconut oil! It’s not only versatile with all hair types, but also capable of making your hair look more black, add a lot of beneficial nutrients, and prevent dandruff and hair loss.

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Avocado Oil

Aside from providing the same benefits of the oils that we mentioned earlier, avocado oil also acts as a natural SPF and blocks moisture, making it excellent for people with dry hair. You can use it separately as a oil or just mix it with your shampoo during a bath, either way it will show its effectiveness.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the few oils that can be so effective for sensitive hair that you can just skip the trips to the salon if the condition isn’t too serious. Due to it’s tendency to not cause any allergic reaction, people with sensitive hair can benefit a lot from this oil.


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