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Gift Ideas for the Procrastinator In You!

Gift Ideas for the Procrastinator In You!

Made For The Last-Moment Shopping People!

Let’s be honest here, we live in an electronic age where Facebook birthday reminders are the norm and they replace the use of our memories. Also, although we can put our anniversary dates and reminders to big life events on our phones; we still struggle to get a nice gift and to get it on time! It may just be that you are a huge procrastinator so you have kept on telling yourself that you have enough time to shop. Or maybe you just couldn’t think of what to get that special person at all. But now time is truly running out and you are out of ideas. If you have ever found yourself in this position, here are four quick and awesome ways to save face and still be the gift giver of the year for your loved ones.

Sweet Treats

Nothing brings happiness and joy to people like food does. Sweet treats have always been used to celebrate and commemorate special occasions. Desserts come in so many different shapes, tastes, textures, and mixes that you are sure to be able to find something for any and everyone. Having either a traditional dessert or even a unique new creation made for a friend is a gift that will not only be enjoyed but remembered. You don’t need a lot of time to pull this off either as there are companies that offer online ordering, 24-hour preparation, and even 90-minute deliveries. Specialized cakes give the feel that it was well a thought through plan that included a lot of effort even if it didn’t.

Have a friend who either has allergies, is vegan or is a health nut in general? Don’t rule this option out just yet. That friend will truly appreciate any sugar-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free goodies they can take advantage of.

Gift Cards

Giving a gift card is the closest you will come to giving cold hard cash without seeming like a jerk who could not be bothered to buy something nice. Everyone has that favorite store or restaurant where they already spend too much money and would love a way to supplement their habit. Or maybe there’s something special you know they’ve been saving for and although you can’t afford to get it for them you want to help them as much as you can. Gift cards are available for every budget and even more importantly, it can range from physical one-day doorstep deliveries to immediate electronic deliveries. Some companies even allow you to customize the gift card with photos and schedule the time you want them sent through email. Most also either have no expiration date or give the recipient at least a year to spend them.


There are subscriptions for everyone and everything these days from electronic to physical deliveries. For those who love to read books there is Kindle Unlimited and if they would rather listen than read there is Audible. Subscriptions are available online for animal lovers, lovers of video games, makeup, jewelry, sports and even coffee. This gift keeps giving on the schedule you set and the budget you are comfortable with. Subscriptions are especially helpful if you have completely missed the special day and need to make up for it with more than one gift.

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Spa Treatments

Being pampered is an opportunity that everyone can appreciate at one point in their lives or another. Whether that someone is male or female, who would pass up the chance to go to for a spa day? The chance to relax even for an hour or two while someone pampers you and you forget all about your troubles is too hard to resist for most people.

Just be sure to avoid booking a specific day as you want the person to be able to go on their own time. To also avoid them missing their gift due to a technicality, check for and confirm expiration dates as well.

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