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Foot Tendonitis – 10 Powerful Natural Remedies

foot tendonitis

Foot Tendonitis – 10 Powerful Natural Remedies

Tackle Foot Tendonitis Naturally

Foot tendonitis can be extremely painful at times, and while pain relievers do their job well, relying on them for a longer period of time can prove to be harmful to the body. And that’s where these natural remedies come in- they can work wonderfully in reducing the intensity of pain associated with tendonitis to a great extent.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has been widely used as a natural pain reliever for conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Mix a couple of tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder in a cup of olive oil and apply it directly to the affected area, let it remain for a few minutes and then wash it off.

Ice Pack

One of the foolproof ways to tackle tendonitis pain is by placing an ice pack on the affected region. Not only does this reduce pain, but also calms down inflammation naturally.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, and yes, it can also effective help cure pain associated with tendonitis. It packs in anti-inflammatory properties- adding more of it to your foods could help a lot!


When it comes to herbs, sage is one of the most powerful ones, known to possess many healing properties. And yes, it tends to have a soothing effect which could help reduce tendonitis inflammation and pain.

Carbonated Water

Soaking your foot in sugarless carbonated water for a few minutes could also be a great way to calm down the pain and inflammation naturally.

foot tendonitis

Vinegar Wrap

Using alternating hot and cold foot wraps soaked in vinegar and water could be one of the best ways to relieve foot tendonitis pain naturally! The heat application reduces pain and muscle soreness, while the cold wrap could help lessen inflammation.

Olive Oil

Surprising as it may sound, olive oil could also help curb pain associated with tendon injuries. Massaging the affected area with olive oil can help increase the flow of blood to the area and stimulate healing.


Chickweed makes for a popular folk remedy used to cure tendonitis. It is supposedly packed with vitamins and minerals, and when applied topically to the affected area as a paste, it can help reduce swelling and pain.

Epsom Salt Bath

Soaking the affected foot in a bath with epsom salt can have an extraordinary healing effect. Epsom salt provides the body a good dose of magnesium, which helps speed up the healing of muscles and connective tissue.


Asparagus is yet another superfood, and helps reduce tendonitis pain by helping the body flush out excess fluid, which often causes inflammation and localized swelling. Include more of this veggie to your meals.

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