Essential Oil For Warts on Feet-Our Top 5 Picks!

Is Using Essential Oil for Warts on Feet Effective?

While warts can develop in any area of the body, warts on feet are specifically irritating since they can cause pain if developed into a lump or a mass, and thus getting rid of it is important. So, what should you do? We recommend using essential oil for warts on feet, like some of these.

essential oil for warts on feet

Lemongrass Oil

Aside from treating warts through its antiviral properties, lemongrass oil is also beneficial against many other types of skin problems such as cold sores by eliminating herpes simplex type 1 virus and  chicken pox virus. It also provides certain health benefits like it’s natural sedative properties that can help in reducing pain and also having a sounder sleep.

Ginger Oil

With the antibiotic resistant bacteria and microorganisms being more resistant than ever due to their ability to adapt to the extreme chemicals, it’s difficult to find something that can eliminate those substances. Fortunately, ginger oil ignores any sort of resistance and straightaway gets rid of those bacteria and viruses in a natural ways, thus removing those nasty warts on feet before you know it.

Oregano Oil

Though oregano oil can be can considered as an essential oil for warts on feet, one must exercise caution while using this since it’s a hot oil and may cause more harm than good if applied inappropriately. When done properly, even the most persistent warts out there are ineffective against its active ingredient carvacrol.

Tea Tree Oil

Though a little intense, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil are very beneficial in getting rid of pain and also stop the swelling if it has occurred. Just make sure to dilute it in a bit of water and you can easily get rid of warts on feet, acne, eczema psoriasis and a lot of many other common skin problems. No kidding, we mean a lot.

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Eucalyptus Oil

If you don’t happen to have tea tree oil at home, then eucalyptus oil possesses the same properties as it’s counterpart albeit a bit toned down in effectiveness. If you do happen to have both the oils at your disposal, we recommend combining both of them for confirmed removal of those warts on feet.

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