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Can Facial Acupuncture Make You Look Younger?

Can Facial Acupuncture Make You Look Younger?

There are almost 20 million minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries performed each year in the United States. There has been more than a 200% increase in the use of cosmetic surgeries since the year 2000. With this explosion of interest in people wanting to look younger, there have been alternative treatments such as facial acupuncture that have started to become increasingly popular. The benefits and methodologies used within acupuncture have been used and enhanced for more than 5,000 years. For the residents of such beautiful places like Miami, acupuncture is used often to garner the benefits of surgery, without the side effects and financial burden. In addition to making you look younger, facial acupuncture offers benefits such as pain and stress relief.

How Does It Work?

The practice of acupuncture within traditional chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Acupuncture is the practice of using thin needles to relieve areas of congested energy throughout the body. Its goal is to create a perfect balance of yin and yang energy in order to promote healing. Facial acupuncture is no different. When upwards of 50 small needles are placed on your face in the regions that collagen (the cells that make us look young) have broken down, they automatically cause the body to send collagen rich cells to the site, thus giving you a surplus of the nutrients needed to maintain a younger looking face.


It should be noted that acupuncture can only be performed by a licenced acupuncturist. In addition, a professional practicing acupuncture in Miami will have a different set of rules for licensure than one in Los Angeles. Each state has its own licensing requirements. Facial acupuncture has been used to bring back vitality to your face, lift jawlines and decrease “stress lines”.

How is It Different than Botox or Surgery?

Both botox and surgery can be expensive treatments. Not only are they not covered by many insurances, they can have some serious side effects. In many cases, each of these treatments will require you to have a certain amount of recovery time and potentially require the use of pain medication. Fortunately, facial acupuncture bypasses all of those drawbacks as there is not a need for recovery and it helps to alleviate pain, not cause it. In addition, acupuncture has many other physical and mental health benefits that are not always associated with surgery or botox treatments. If you try facial acupuncture first, you can always give botox or surgery a try afterwards if you don’t like the results. It is a all natural and pain free treatment option that has shown promise and effectiveness.

Finding a Licensed Miami Acupuncture Practitioner

Since more than 50% of licensed acupuncturist reside in New York City or Los Angeles, it can be a bit more difficult to find a licensed Miami acupuncture practitioner. Luckily, Miami is only second to LA in the amount of cosmetic procedures completed in the US, so there should be enough practitioners of facial acupuncture. When searching for an acupuncturist, it is recommended that you research their reviews as well as qualifications. In addition, ensure that they are experienced with the specifics of facial acupuncture and have successfully helped cosmetic clients in the past. Working with an experienced Miami acupuncture practitioner can help to shave years off of your appearance and save you money and stress in the process.

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