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Breakouts on Chin? Tackle it in 5 Easy Steps

breakouts on chin

Breakouts on Chin? Tackle it in 5 Easy Steps

5 Simple Ways to Treat Breakouts on Chin

Troubled by breakouts on chin? Here are 5 simple ways to deal with it naturally and prevent new ones too!

Keep Your Hands Off

You may be tempted to keep touching and prodding the area, but seriously resist it. Touching your face unintentionally throughout the day literally makes it the dirtiest part of the body, and tends to clog the pores and give rise to breakouts and skin irritations. Avoid resting your face your hands while on your workdesk. Simple as that!

Clean Your Cellphone

Not just today. Regularly. You’ll be surprised at how much your cellphone was responsible for your breakouts- in the midst of juggling home and office work, you may not really have the time to actually clean your phone, but trust us on this one guys! Your phone is literally a breeding place for tons of bacteria, and when you use it to talk to someone, you’ve just transferred a lot of them where they can multiply- your face!

Spot Treat the Area

Spot treating the breakouts on chin can help them heal up super fast! Use a good quality drying acne cleanser or a good acne soap to clean the area. Products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide work best!

Clean the Pores

Deep cleaning your skin and allowing your pores to breathe is one of the best ways to tackle breakouts on chin and literally any other part too! Use a good gentle exfoliating wash or a cleanser that has mild to moderate antibacterial action for best results. This will not only help tackle existing breakouts but also prevent new ones from propping up!

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Skip the Makeup

Slathering layers of makeup onto breakouts can only aggravate and worsen the condition, so do yourself a favor and go make-up free until the area is completely breakout-free. Allow your skin to breathe and repair itself- it’ll thank you for it! If you’ve got oily skin or simply tend to have breakouts often, switch to natural, powder based makeup instead of creams and oil based varieties.

breakouts on chin

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