Best Essential Oils for Sleep – Top 7 Picks!

Choosing the Best Essential Oils for Sleep

In the recent years, sleep disorders have become even more common, and if you’re one of those who keep tossing and turning in bed for what seems like a hundred times before drifting off to sleep, essential oils may just be the thing for you!

We’ve shortlisted the best essential oils for sleep to make things easier for you! Read on…

Lavender Essential Oil

When it comes to choosing essential oils for sleep, lavender undoubtedly tops the list, and for many reasons. Several studies have confirmed its efficacy in improving sleep quality and reducing the risk of insomnia. Infact, it has also proved to be highly effective in reducing anxiety and stress.

Valerian Root Oil

Valerian root extracts have been in use since thousands of years to promote sleep thanks to its powerful sedative and calming effect. One of the best benefits of this essential oil is that it can be taken both ways- ingested as well as applied topically.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is the second best among all the essential oils for sleep, Roman chamomile being the most effective of them all. Chamomile is basically an herb that has natural sedative properties which helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation and sleep.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Rub a few drops of marjoram essential oil onto your pillow and sheets before sleeping or add it to your bathwater to tackle stress and anxiety and sleep better. It works best for individuals suffering from hypertension and tend to get agitated and restless before bedtime.

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Frankincense Oil

Studies have revealed that even the smoke of Frankincense can help relieve depression and anxiety, helping you sleep better if you tend to overthink a lot before bedtime.

Bergamot Essential Oil

While the essential oil of most citrus fruits tend to have a stimulating effect, bergamot essential oil works differently, and has a rather calming and relaxing effect on the body, which makes it the best choice to add to all sleep blend oils.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is one of the most underrated essential oils- it works in the same way as Valerian root extracts, and has strong anti-stressor properties, perfect for individuals with extreme stress and anxiety issues.

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