Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis- Revealed!

essential oils for psoriasis

The Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is no doubt one of the common skin problems but it certainly can be more dangerous than it looks like if uncontrolled. The itchy patches of skin will spread and so will the infection if you don’t take care of it. In such cases, while we have some essential oils for psoriasis listed out for you, consider this as one of the complementary form of medicine. Your main source of treatment should be the dermatologist alone. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Tea Tree Oil

Our first choice to go with when you have patches of irritating skin due to psoriasis is to apply a bit of tea tree oil on the affected area. Not only will it ease inflammation but also help reduce the damage to a great extent thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Castor Oil

It might not be the best oil when you have it (we came to know of it’s terrible taste from that Tom & Jerry episode), but it’s certainly beneficial to you whether you apply it on the psoriasis-affected skin or consume it. Castor oil is not an essential oil, but you can use other intense ones such as lavender essential oil and mix it with castor oil as a base to dilute it and multiply the benefits.

Geranium Oil

By increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, geranium has proved itself to be one of the best essential oils for psoriasis. Moreover, it can also relieve stress. As long as you have received a ‘yes’ from your dermatologist for using this oil (since it can be quite intense and have side effects), this can be one of the best oils to heal psoriasis-affected skin.

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Peppermint Oil

Amidst the 600+ varieties of peppermint oil out there, you can use each and every one of them to heal your skin and relieve you of pain since all of those varieties contain the one ingredient that has made peppermint oil noteworthy: menthol. Just make sure to mix this one in a carrier oil such as castor oil as well. You might find some unusual symptoms or an allergic reaction to using this oil but for the most part they are non-lethal.

best essential oils for psoriasis



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