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Best Concealer For Acne Scars-Our Top 5 Picks!

best concealer for acne scars

Best Concealer For Acne Scars-Our Top 5 Picks!

Choosing the Best Concealer for Acne Scars

Getting rid of that acne scars is tough, we know. After all, it’s not something that gets healed overnight. But, since you cannot wait a week or so if there’s that important party coming up, here are some of the best concealer for acne scars.

best concealer for acne scars

Boo Boo Cover Up Concealer

Strange name aside, boo boo cover up concealer does what a concealer does best-hiding the bad parts but making your skin look as makeup-free as possible. It also heals the acne to some extent, but we wouldn’t trust too much on that and would suggest trying some home remedies, washing them off and then applying the concealer for a better healing and cover-up action.

Ucanbe Concealer For Acne Scars

Making use of a nifty water and sweat-proof formula, the Ucanbe concealer does a good job at a budget price by concealing those scars and blemishes but keeping the natural skin color. Since it’s free of skin irritants, it’s good for sensitive too, and can be doubled up as a light highlighter.

Coverplast Concealer

Keep in mind that this concealer comes in a patch and not a cream or a liquid formula, thus making its use rather limited since there are only 15 patches in a pack. But let’s be honest, most of the under $15 concealers wouldn’t last 15 use sessions anyway. Other than that, it’s just as good as the others in our list of best concealers for acne scars.

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

At a price of just under $10, the Murad acne treatment concealer is a good choice for those looking to conceal those acne scars and prevent their breakout in the future, thanks to it’s rich salicylic acid content. It can also treat blemishes due to its acne-fighting formula, but once again we suggest trying a home remedy to get rid of that problem separately.

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Clinique Cleaning Concealer

Though a little pricey, the clinique cleaning concealer justifies its higher cost by giving you some benefits such as oil-free contents to help people with acne-prone or oily skin, a green tint to visually correct redness, and a gentle, soothing formula which is appropriate for sensitive skin.


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