Best Body Wash for Acne-Top 8 Picks

Choosing the Best Body Wash for Acne

Body acne can be really really irritating. And super tough. Not to mention how eww it looks. Okabest body wash for acney you got the idea. If you’re hit by body acne, we sympathize with you, and if you need help choosing the best body wash for acne, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Oleavine Therapeutic Soap

Okay this one’s not a soap as it says- it’s actually a body wash that packs in the goodness of tea tree oil and neem oil- both powerful antibacterial agents. Swapping your soap with this body wash can help clear up your acne, and also help reduce body odor, tackle fungal infections and lots more!

Humane Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

As the name suggests, this body wash’s got 10% benzoyl peroxide- perfect for stubborn body acne that are hard to get rid of. It rapidly kills acne-causing bacteria, and doesn’t harm the skin since it’s paraben and fragrance free too!

Phisoderm Anti Blemish Body Wash

Composed of a triple soothing formula of aloe vera extracts, chamomile and vitamin E, this one’s definitely a good pick if you’re looking for the best body wash for acne. It also contains 2% salicylic acid, which helps calm down inflamed and irritated skin and speed up its healing.

Nubian Heritage Body Wash

If you’ve ever looked for the best soaps for acne, you know what stands out from the rest- African black soap, and what could be better than having a body wash that packs in the power of this soap too? Crafted using organic ingredients and a combination of botanical extracts and salicylic acid, this body wash makes sure you’ve got smooth skin on the body- no matter how tough your acne seems to be.

Dial Acne Control Deep Cleansing Body Wash

If you’ve got acne due to clogged pores and super-oily skin, this body wash could be the perfect thing for you! It promises to deep cleanse the body, thereby helping reduce the severity of even persistent cases of acne on the body.

Murad Acne Body Washbest body wash for acne

Crafted using fine grained date seed powder, this body wash is another great pick if you’re looking for a good body wash for acne. It’s also go triclosan and salicylic acid which help exfoliate the skin and allow it to breathe and make it less prone to further breakouts.

Art Naturals Antifungal Soap

Okay, it says antifungal, but it’s one of the top picks among people who’ve wanted to treat their body acne. This is because it also packs in the power of tea tree oil, which is known to be one of the best essential oils for acne prone skin. It’s also got jojoba oil, olive oil, oregano oil, peppermint oil and several other acne busting ingredients.

The Body Wash Tea Tree Body Wash

This one needs no introduction, and is a great pick for stubborn cases of body acne. It helps combat existing breakouts and prevents new ones. In addition, its use also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars. Cool enough?

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