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Best Back Pain Relievers – Reviewed!

back pain reliever

Best Back Pain Relievers – Reviewed!

NSAIDs and other OTC meds make for the most common form of back pain relievers available today, but they do come with a lot of side effects associated with their use.

Thankfully, there do exist some effective back pain relievers that make use of different approaches such as providing support, strengthening the back muscles and joints, and even acupressure to provide pain relief. And here, we’ve listed down just that to help you choose better!

Flar FX by Dr Tobiassupplement for back pain

Back pain can at time, affect your physical performanc
e as well, and that’s where this supplement comes in.
Composed of several effective enzymes and herbs, this supplement is perfect for back pain (and any other form of joint pain) arising due to overexertion and injury. It is always a good idea to have a medical practitioner’s opinion before you start to take any supplements, especially if you’re already on some medications or are affected by any health condition. 

Just 6-7 days of consumption is enough to demonstrate powerful changes and considerably reduced muscle and joint aches.

Back Braces

Adjustable back braces can work in reducing both upper and lower back pain by providing support and extra stability to the spine. back brace for back painThe adjustable back braces by Mueller is a bestseller, and comes with removable pads to ensure you get the right fit for yourself. In addition, its internal components are made up of molded plastic, which is why, there is no chance of bunching up of the brace.

TENS Units

Tens units are etens unit for back painxtremely popular when it comes to managing lower back pain. This unit makes use of low voltage electric currents to relieve pain. It is usually a small bat
tery operated device with several electrodes attached to it, which stimulate the nerves of the body to produce endorphins- the natural painkiller of the body.
It is important to seek medical attention before using a TENS device for back pain.

Massage Pillows

For all those who do not have the luxury of getting a nice long massage, massage pillows can come handy. These pillows target pain in the shoulders, neck and the back, and are very versatile, since they can be used practically anywhere- the home, office or even in the car. massage pillow for back painThe Gideon massage pillow comes with rotating massage nodes which do everything from loosening the stressed, tight muscles in the back and the neck, to giving you that ultimate ‘massage bliss’ feeling.

Acupressure Mats and Pillows

Acupressure mats and pillows make for an excellent choice when it comes to choosing back pain relievers, simply because they don’t just target the back area, but also stimulate moacupressure mat for back painre than 6000 points on the body, which do everything from curbing pain, relieving headache and improving the flow of energy (and blood) throughout the body.

The stimulation of points on the body causes a release of endorphins, the natural painkiller of the body, and also relaxes the stiff muscles in different areas. Lying down on the mat and pillow for just 10-20 minutes can be extremely helpful in managing lower back pain and many other forms of pain.


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