Benefits of Shea Butter By the Numbers

Top 4 Benefits of Shea Butter

The triglyceride fat known as shea butter, despite being used in chemically laden cosmetics and other products, actually has a lot of benefits that do not cost you your health, since it’s full of different minerals and even vitamins to get you to a healthier style of living that doesn’t compromise on the taste buds, since they are capable of being incorporated into some excellent dishes. So, what are those ‘benefits of shea butter’ you ask? Well, read on to find out!

Healing Agent

Due to it’s anti inflammatory properties and copious amount of vitamin A, shea butter is considered as a healing agent and also has been used as a base in many medical ointments. People have been using shea butter since ages in order to treat irritation, eczema, blemishes and many other disorders and bruises.


Due to its high concentration of fatty acids and natural oils, shea butter used as a moisturizing agent for both the skin and the scalp. Since this kind of oil is the one that gets absorbed by the scalp, it doesn’t leave any unwanted residue and reduces dryness in the hair and also the skin.


One of the best benefits of shea butter is it’s flexible property, making it an effective base in a variety of homemade cosmetics that will definitely help you keep your skin healthy in the way it’s supposed to be. Be it moisturizer or a homemade deodorant or a massage lotion, you can practically integrate shea butter in these products and many others!

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Any nutritionist or someone who is interested in nutrition would tell you that antioxidants are one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest substance for your body. In some cases, antioxidants can practically prevent a cancer from happening by destroying the free radicals in the body that lead to the growth of cancer. This, combined with the cinnamic acid contained in fresh shea butter can also help in protecting your skin from UV damage.

Just a tip: Keep in mind that you buy the freshest quality shea butter out there. Some beneficial elements such as unbound cinnamic acid can only be present if the shea butter is relatively fresh. An older shea butter wouldn’t provide you with as many benefits.

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