Baking Soda and Cancer: What’s the Link?

Uncovering the Link Between Baking Soda and Cancer

When it comes to cancer, there is a lot of hype around natural treatments, and most of them are just plain hoaxes. So what really is the link between baking soda and cancer? Is baking soda really effective in acting as a natural cancer treatment? Time to find out!

baking soda and cancer

The Research

Unlike other shady looking cancer treatments, baking soda is actually backed by a little research. A study has revealed that bicarbonate could indeed suppress spontaneous metastasis of cancer tumors by increasing tumor pH. This is, however, true only for certain forms of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer etc.

Infact, there are several other established healthcare practitioners who have gives baking soda and cancer a thumbs up!  

While the exact mechanism of how something as simple as baking soda could work against one of the most deadly diseases is yet to be known, researchers speculate that it could have something to do with the fact that metastatic tumors have an acidic pH, and baking soda tends to create an alkaline internal environment, thereby preventing metastasis.

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The Bottomline

All in all, baking soda seems to be a trustworthy natural remedy for cancer. It helps improve oxygenation in the body, prevents healthy cells from getting malignant, and restores metastatic cancer cells into their healthy state.

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