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Are French Fries Vegan? Let’s Find Out!

are french fries vegan

Are French Fries Vegan? Let’s Find Out!

Let’s Break the Confusion on ‘Are French Fries Vegan?’ With a Simple Analysis!

Whether you are a non-vegetarian or a vegan, it’s always intriguing to find out if a particular product which was specifically made in the modern era is vegan or not. French fries, for instance, are a combination of potatoes, oil and even some mix (in case of salsa, seasoning, etc). Due to this, more than a few people have the same question on their minds- ‘are french fries vegan?’. Let’s find out.

are french fries vegan

What Does Vegan Mean?

First off, any product that can be classified as vegan is, for the most part, made out of plants or plant-based products and also do not contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). So, in a general sense of speaking, french fries are vegan, right? After all, they’ve been made out of potatoes and oil (maybe some masala as well but that’s about it). The sad truth is, you actually might be having some amount of meat juices or non-vegetarian content in your french fries even though it doesn’t seem like this.

Wait, what?

You see, most of the commercial outlets for french fries, from a small-town fast food joint to the big ones like KFC and McDonald’s use a large deep fryer for frying both their meat based products and vegan/vegetarian based products in the same oil. While this might seem like nothing, when you picture the scenario in which hundreds (even thousands, possibly) chickens are being fried in the same oil as a bunch of french fries are being fried, you’d come to realize what a bad idea it might be to eat from a commercial fast food joint.

So, That Means French Fries are Vegan?

No, that doesn’t mean that french fries aren’t vegan: you can easily make vegan french fries at your home if you fry the fries in a separate oil from which you fry the chicken. This not only keeps your french fries vegan, but also keeps you safe from the other health disasters that come from eating fried products from fast food joints such as hormonal imbalance and inflammation. So, to answer the question ‘are french fries vegan?’ we’d answer: it depends. If you are willing to fry french fries at home at the cost a slightly less tasty variant, they’re vegan. But unless the fast food restaurant doesn’t assure you or show you that their veg and non-veg items are being separately cooked, they certainly are non-vegetarian.

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