Acne Prevention Made Easy- Actionable Tips that Work!

As young teenagers going through the changes of puberty, it’s not uncommon to experience a face full of pimples. However, many parents assured woeful teenagers that acne would be a thing of the past once adulthood came along.

Well into adulthood, many people are still experiencing the embarrassing stigma attached to acne. From cystic pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and scars, so many adults are walking around willing to pay top dollar to the first person with a cure. There are few ways to tackle the issue as it comes and there are a few preventative measures to take when dealing with acne.

acne prevention

Use Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are really good for treating the skin and its ailments. If you’re dealing with a pimple on your nose and you’d like to eliminate the pus and swelling, there are a few steps to take. Even though many people discourage popping pimples, there is an effective way to do it and decrease its unsightly appearance.

Steam the skin with a steamer or a hot washcloth for a few minutes to open the pores. Cover two fingers with a cloth and gently stretch the skin over the pimple. As the skin breaks, the pimple will pop and lots of pus and fluid will emerge. Once the pimple gets drained, use a benzoyl peroxide 10 gel and apply it over the pimple. The gel acts like a salve to soothe and heal the area. It will also help to prevent scarring from occurring. After a few days of applying a benzoyl peroxide gel, use fresh lemon juice as an astringent and toner over the skin. If there is any potential for discoloration, the lemon juice is an excellent solution for it.

Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Lots of Water

Nowadays, many people are unsure of what’s considered healthy because of the way foods are marketed. However, food in its most natural state is the healthiest. Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are the best to consume. For many people, dairy only exacerbates an issue with acne. Try to eliminate as much dairy as possible.

Additionally, drink lots of water because water purifies and cleanses the internal system. The hair, skin and nails are the last places to receive the nutritional value of water so drink lots of it to cleanse the skin. Sugary substances are very dangerous for the skin as well. Something about sugar and dairy triggers the skin in a negative way. For a sweet taste, try using natural sweeteners like honey and agave nectar. Your skin will thank you.

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