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9+ Beet Juice Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

beet juice side effects

9+ Beet Juice Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

Beet Juice Side Effects That You’d Never Believe Actually Exist!

Though it’s true that having beet juice has a lot of health benefits, there are some side effects that you should be aware. Thus, without wasting anytime, here the beet juice side effects that you should be aware of!

beet juice side effects

Kidney Stones

Drinking beet juice can lead to the occurrence of kidney stones or growth in case of existing ones due to its high oxalate content that’s basically a catalyst to the problem’s growth.

Nausea and Diarrhea

Though not as unlikely, the concentrated betaine sometimes found in the beetroot extracts can lead to an upset stomach or nausea. Though on the other hand this property also makes it a good remedy for constipation.

Pregnancy Problems

Though there are no conclusive proofs on it yet, several studies conducted on the betaine content in beet juice has discovered that it can cause harm to the growing fetus during pregnancy.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Sure, lowering blood pressure is a feat of beet juice rather than a side effect. But when combined with already consumed BP medication, it can lead to a dangerously low blood pressure level.

Vocal Cord Problems

One of the common beet juice side effects include a tight feeling on the throat which can cause discomfort when talking. It’s only a result of over consumption of the juice and not when taken in moderation.

Lower Calcium Level

This is once again a result of over consumption of beet juice. A lower calcium level means weakened bones and teeth, not to mention the disruption of many vital systems which rely on calcium.

Red Stool and Urine

Though this is specific to some people and doesn’t cause any bodily harm to speak of, it can get you alarmed due to the unusual appearance of the urine and stools, which makes it an allergen of sorts.

Liver Pressure

Since beet juice as a detoxifying agent, it may dump more toxins in the liver to purify than your liver can handle, thus causing liver problems in some cases.

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Iron Overload

If are already on iron or copper supplementation and have also decided to drink a lot of beet juice, then the abnormal buildup can lead to a condition known as Hemochromatosis, which certainly isn’t beneficial for your body.

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