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8 Limbs of Yoga-Explained!

8 limbs of yoga

8 Limbs of Yoga-Explained!

Find Out What the 8 Limbs of Yoga is All About

In layman’s terms, yoga is nothing but a practice of meditation which involves doing certain poses in order to gain peace of mind among the other health benefits to your body. In reality, yoga is that and much more, as this ancient Indian practice of meditation involves 8 limbs which basically are guidelines to follow for being more spiritually strong. So, what are those 8 limbs of yoga, you ask? Let’s find out!

8 limbs of yoga


The very first limb of yoga is called ‘yama’ which basically means focusing on one’s ethics and behavior, modifying it by following the motto ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’


Niyama, the second limb of yoga is more focused on self discipline and observing things around themselves. Some great examples of this include visiting a temple or contemplating for a long time.


You may have heard of Asana before. It simply means body poses meaning the alteration and betterment of the body through discipline and concentration. Asana is an important factor to maintain when doing yoga.


The fourth limb of yoga, pranayama, may also be something you’ve heard as a beginner yoga pose. It basically means controlling breath and gaining mastery over the respiratory process.


This fifth limb of yoga is basically a non-technological way of depriving your senses through meditation. Most of the external stimuli is blocked, allowing for higher brain function through spiritual strength.


Dharana may perhaps be the toughest among the 8 limbs of yoga. Though you might have relieved yourself from external stimuli, it’s now time to concentrate and remove the distractions from the mind itself, which is no easy task if you think of it or even try it.


While dhyana might seem similar to dharana due to it’s practically same meaning, a distinction exists between the two in the form of scope. While dharana focuses on one point of concentration, dhyana solely means being aware without having to stress too much.

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The last limb of yoga is simply that of ecstasy, in which a person receives their reward for sacrificing the worldly attributes and from the distractions of the mind. In this, the person feels one with the universe, and a divine feeling of spiritual uplift provides a state of happiness and peace like none other.

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