8 Hair Growth Foods to Pamper Your Hair a Little!

Hair Growth Foods That Will Make You Forget About Those Fancy Shampoos

Even though you might be using many hair products whether commercial or natural, a healthy diet is still important to stimulate hair growth. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our hair growth food list for healthier hair!

hair growth food

Yellow Bell Peppers

Containing a lot more vitamin C than oranges itself, yellow bell peppers are our top choice if you want to stock up on nothing but antioxidants-which basically prevent hair loss by eliminating free radicals, strengthening the hair follicles and and nourishing the hair shaft.

Sweet Potatoes

Though sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which is technically an antioxidant, it’s also a precursor to vitamin A that effectively promotes hair growth in a manner different than yellow bell peppers.


Eating a good chunk of nuts in your daily diet is important to keep your energy levels in check and promote healthy hair growth. Almonds, in specific are quite beneficial for the hair due their rich biotin content, which is nothing but the ultimate effective way for hair growth.


Aside from being an amazingly tasty dish, eating salmon will also stock you up with a good amount of vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which contribute to hair growth.


It’s also important to eat a good set of fruits to keep yourself hydrated. Avocado is one such example, which will prevent hair loss by its high content of essential fatty acids, stimulation of collagen production, production of elastin and nourishing your hair from deep within.


Though not easy to find depending on where you live, oysters provide a lot of zinc that basically prevents hair loss that could be sourced back to a deficiency of zinc in your body.


Aside from being an excellent hair growth food, eating eggs also stocks you up on protein and makes you feel satiated, thus making you reach your weight loss goals much easily. If you want to use eggs specifically for hair growth, it’s best to use the whites as it’s more rich in protein.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ACV is effective in preventing bacterial infections that could be the cause of hair loss, while anti-inflammatory ingredients help in alleviating the pain.

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