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8+ Effective Essential Oils For Eczema Relief Fast!

essential oils for eczema

8+ Effective Essential Oils For Eczema Relief Fast!

Our Selection of Essential Oils For Eczema Relief Fast and Easy!

As we all know, eczema on your skin looks really bad, not to mention the pain you feel as a result of inflammation. Though your body will get rid of it eventually, it’s good to have some essential oils for eczema relief to get quicker. Let’s take a look!

essential oils for eczema

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

While mostly anti-inflammatory in nature, eucalyptus essential oil is also famous for it’s fresh and earthy benefits that will help in getting rid of eczema to some extent.

Chamomile Essential Oil

As long as you are okay with the drowsy feeling that you get from using chamomile essential oil for eczema, you are good to go. It’s topical application has been specifically told to be able to remove eczema thanks to it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Using tea tree oil, as we all know, is quite beneficial to your eczema condition in more ways than one. When diluted properly, it will also be able to heal psoriasis and acne scars quite easily.

Clove Essential Oil

Comprised of mainly eugenol, using clove essential oil will help in getting rid of any swelling and pain you might feel from the inflammation due to eczema. It’s also typically used by doctors as an antiseptic for tooth ache so you might want to consider that as well.

Thyme Essential Oil

One of the best essential oils that you can possibly find for treating various skin problems is thyme. As for eczema, it can reduce the expression of COX-2 by as much as 65%.

Rose Essential Oil

While it isn’t as good as thyme essential oil since it can reduce the expression of COX-2 by 30%, it’s still an effective remedy and is also widely used in treating depression and anxiety due to the uplifting effects that it’s aroma provides.

Bergamot Essential Oil

At the right concentration of 0.10 mL/kg, using bergamot essential oil on the skin will reduce the inflammation to as much as 63%. If that can’t convince you of it’s effectiveness, we don’t know what will.

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Fennel Essential Oil

We know that using fennel essential oil for eczema is probably the last thing you’d expect, but since it heal eczema quite easily and it’s effects can also be used for treating other skin problems, we have no difficulty in recommending it as an excellent eczema remedy.

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