7 Kimchi Health Benefits That’ll Surprise You

kimchi health benefits

Uncovering the Best Kimchi Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to satisfying your craving for spicy food, there’s nothing that can beat kimchi- a Korean delicacy that is rich in probiotics, flavonoids and several other nutrients. It turns out there’s a lot more to it than just better digestive health. Time to find out more about the best kimchi health benefits you probably didn’t know about.

kimchi health benefits

Reduced Cholesterol

Regular consumption of kimchi is found to have beneficial effects for the heart in particular. This is because kimchi is a rich source of selenium and allium, both of which help reduce the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body and reduce buildup of plaque in the walls of the arteries.

Gastric Ulcer Help

Using kimchi to help tackle gastric ulcers may sound counterintuitive since kimchi tends to be spicy, but in reality, it turns out, it could be extremely effective in killing the bacteria that cause these ulcers owings to probiotic nature.

Better Skin Health

The vitamin C content of this probiotic is also great at improving skin health. It can help reduce inflammatory conditions of the skin such as lesions and edema associated with dermatitis, and also reduce the visible signs of ageing thanks to its anti-ageing action.

Anti-Obesity Action

Kimchi turns out to be an excellent source of lactobacilli- the healthy bacteria that improve gut health, strengthen immunity, and yes, influence weight loss and metabolism too. Consuming kimchi along with your meals can help tackle food cravings and keep your body satisfied for a longer period of time, thereby preventing binge eating.

Cancer Protection

This accompaniment has also been found reduce the risk of development of several cancers owing to its vitamin C and antioxidant content. The cabbage present in kimchi is also a potential anti-carcinogenic agent which inhibits the growth of cancer cells naturally.

Stronger Immunity

One of the best kimchi health benefits is that it strengthens the immune system by giving the body a good dose of flavonoids and antioxidants which fight free radicals and other infectious agents that may harm the body.

Diabetes Help

A study has confirmed the efficacy of kimchi when it comes to reducing blood sugar levels. Individuals who consumed kimchi with their meals were also found to have better glucose tolerance, and its effectiveness increases even further when it is taken with a low fat diet.


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