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7+ Hydrogen Peroxide Uses You Probably Didn’t Know Of

hydrogen peroxide uses

7+ Hydrogen Peroxide Uses You Probably Didn’t Know Of

Revealing The Extensive List of Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

You might have used a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (H202 being the chemical formula) as a common disinfectant or for common cleaning purposes. But what if we told you that hydrogen peroxide has many, many more benefits than what meets the eye? Let’s take a look at our extensive list of hydrogen peroxide uses.

hydrogen peroxide uses

  • Growing mushrooms: Yes! Though it might sound tacky, you can actually grow mushrooms in your fridge with the help of hydrogen peroxide. The instructions to do so are mentioned in detail here.
  • Bleach: If you feel that your household bleach is a little too intense, something mild like hydrogen peroxide would probably do the trick.
  • Disinfecting toothbrushes: If not washed properly, the bristles and the rest of the toothbrush can become a home to bacteria that would do no good to your teeth. Use hydrogen peroxide to purge them of the infection.
  • Preventing ear infection: Common ear infections such as swimmer’s ear can be easily prevented by adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar in the ear.
  • Stain remover: Getting rid of blood stains especially if present for a long time can be irritating. Use some drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it stay there for 2-3 minutes and then rinse in water. Make sure that the peroxide doesn’t get on your clothes as it acts as a whitening agent.
  • Cleaning tiles: Whether it’s spilled orange juice or food stains, the fact that you can easily get rid of it by directly applying the chemical and wiping it makes this one of the most nifty hydrogen peroxide uses ever.

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  • Disinfect cutting boards: Raw meat or other unwashed foods that have been placed on the cutting board will definitely leave some harmful bacteria that are transferred to you through your hand or through other food that you eat which has been placed on the cutting board. Disinfect it by spraying some hydrogen peroxide and you’re pretty much done.
  • Refrigerator cleaning: Forget about trying to reach every area of the refrigerator and getting tired in the process. Spray some hydrogen peroxide and let it soak for a few minutes then wipe the areas with a clean cloth and it’s safe enough to keep most bacteria at bay.
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