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7+ Essential Oils For Depression Relief Fast!

7+ Essential Oils For Depression Relief Fast!

Choosing the Best Essential Oils for Depression Relief

While depression might seem like something that you can easily cure with a few movie nights or doing something you love, sometimes it does take a few essential oils for depression to go away. Like these right here!

Roman Chamomile

As long as you are okay with being drowsy, even smelling some roman chamomile essential oil will alleviate your mood and offer a good sleep routine, being recommended for those with insomnia and depression.

Lemon Essential Oil

Adding 1 drop of the essential oil to a glass of water and drinking it once everyday is more than enough for the uplifting and mood relieving properties to kick in. Yes, it’s that effective!

Sweet Marjoram Oil

By initiating relaxation and increasing blood circulation, sweet marjoram oil does offer a sweet sleep. Mixing it with lavender essential oil makes it even better since you benefit from the fusion of both the essential oils for depression.

Bergamot Essential Oil for Depression

Bergamot essential oil can remove those bottled up feelings inside you in a peaceful way without you experiencing mood swings. Thus, it can be considered as the ‘let go’ essential oil.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Most of us by now would’ve already smelled some sweet sandalwood oil. For those who haven’t, it’s fragrance is enough to make you feel good regardless of whether you have depression or not. It also improves the sleep quality and hence helps people with insomnia.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most common essential oils used in treating depression is the lavender essential oil that has been used in a lot of countries since a long time to treat depression.

Rose Geranium Oil

Through stimulation of the lymphatic system that diverts your mind from whatever it is that is making you feel negative to a relaxed mind, the sweet-smelling rose geranium oil is more than enough to treat both depression and anxiety.

Clary Sage Oil

If you already are on a medication for treating depression then it’s probably not a good idea to be having the other essential oils. Instead, something mild like clary sage oil will act as a catalyst. Regardless, consult your doc before trying this or any other essential oil first.

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